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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 677 Views
Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In Health

Following a report from a Spanish scientist, fears and questions have poured in about whether #Covid19 vaccines contain graphene oxide. Dr. Robert Young shares his own laboratory findings on The HighWire.

DISCLAIMER: Now days we can’t find the truth. Everyone is spinning, lying, giving disinfo, you name it, so all I can do is give you info I have found that is interesting and it’s up to you to decide if you want to believe it or not. We must take in all kinds of info and be discerning about it because we don’t know what is true...we don’t want to throw out something that might be true even tho we thought it wasn’t. Just do your own research and be discerning.

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MistyR 7 days ago

I'm fairly convinced now that they want to use US as a sort of energy production/storage tool that will serve to provide the energy needed for mining crytocurrency...the new one world currency we all know is coming. Remember when Elon Musk was talking about how much energy it takes to mine cryptocurrency a while back? For years, I couldn't figure out why they keep pushing us to abandon our current way to produce energy to move over to all electric things...I always thought, "but what if there is an EMP attack or a CME that knocks out electricity? What then?" Well, if WE, humans, are the ones actually producing the power, there is no fear of the power grid being knocked out...WE will be the power source.
I say "we," in just a general sense meaning humans. I dont plan on being here when this mess really takes off. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!

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[email protected] 7 days ago

I saw a video about the dangers of the testing swabs, they were made in China and on the package it reads, ingredients EO. EO is Ethylene Oxide. Very dangerous substance.

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 7 days ago

Anyone having trouble commenting?

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