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Gran Peligro, Ciudades quedan Totalmente Sepultadas por terrible Fenómeno Hoy.mp4

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Published on 08 Feb 2022 / In Film and Animation

Gran Peligro, Ciudades quedan Totalmente Sepultadas por terrible Fenómeno Hoy

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

The Mystics of The Mayhem…

We often forget too look into "old" Fairy Tales and what was the {hidden messages} in so many of them......., and how the (LORE) of the Mythologies correlates to our Dream State while we rest and slumber from our Daily Waking [DREAM] here in Purgatory the MEMORY of what was – what is – what will be: from the Book of Revelation' being our Dead home world` THE Moon in the Night, and the Day sky of our lives…

As we go day to day "allowing" the TV to tell us what to do........., it is a fascination of [the many] too seek to be like them on the TV Screens….

The People want to talk like them on TV shows, and Act like them in the Fake Jews Hollywood Movies, and thence, the People want to kill other People because The Media says Their FLAG is not our FLAG, and what a world {we would have} if all could and would just say: Flowers instead of FLAGS, and we don’t want or Need COUNTRIES, nor CORPORATIONS anymore…

Capitalist seem to only want to "relive" the same day of (UP and DOWN) forever and ever, and since the Stocks, and Bondage's of Banks, and Companies was not enough for the INTERNATIONALIST, they live had too invent Tales of the Crypt Digital [TOKENS] as Worthless Servants from them Parables of the New Testament GOSPEL…

SO many play this game of LOOK AT ME!!!!

I kill and murder Moms and Dads, and their Babies in WAR IS MURDER!!!!

I dress in the (Red) Dress of the Whore of Babylon!!!!

I share [stuff] on the INTERNET too make you hate me, and I HATE YOU!!!!

It is true our Brothers and Sisters are the LOST Demons and LOST Angels of and from (Day 6) in the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL, and whilst these LOST SOULS [think] there is no consequence to their "Actions" of hate filled MEMES: by the Word that Became Flesh, you my Romantic Warriors` have nothing to do' with those whom cause DIVISION upon our FLAT EARTH in this Shared {Celestial Sphere} in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME till the end of Purgatory in 2094 CE, and those whom preach "division" wilt and shalt be taken too Perdition as the Reprobate that they are….

People whom only share things of [HATRED] have no place: in the Kingdom' and Queendom` of Our God...

Christ Jesus Returned~ ?

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