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Government ‘For the People’?

AmericanRenaissance - 1,161 Views
Published on 23 May 2022 / In News and Politics

Joseph Biden has ordered every federal bureaucrat to make "diversity" a central part of the job. Where does that leave white people?

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Cultural Revolution
Cultural Revolution 4 months ago

As seen by the FBI raids and the plans to arm the IRS show, the US government is not "for the people" any more.

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Zackary Randalls
Zackary Randalls 6 months ago

Nice finish:

"If you are part of an underserved community, it must be nice to know that 2.7 million federal employees are straining every muscle, every day, to pick you up out of the gutter. Of course, the feds have been officially discriminating in favor of non-whites since Richard Nixon’s famous “Philadelphia Order” of 1969. And yet, here we are, under orders from Shalonda Young, to pretend that white people have spent the last 53 years building higher and higher barriers to keep her out.

This insanity is now baked into everything the government – and pretty nearly the whole country – does. Every single thing in every one of these 90 plans, is an insult to white men, an insult to the “underserved,” and a disgraceful waste of time and money.

How do white people like living in a country they built, where they are still the majority, but where they are the official enemy? Will things get better or worse when we’re a minority? I don’t see how you fix something as deeply sick as this."

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