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Foot Pounds Design
Foot Pounds Design - 271 Views
Published on 05 Jul 2020 / In Firearms

Bill's Gun Shop & Range July Gun of The Month Minute Review!

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no0negun 8 months ago

Where is this gun store?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

Have you ever looked into A Mirror in your Dreams…

No you have not!!! There are many amazing things that can happen when we go into The Other Virtual Reality places we see with eyes and NO FACE kinda like that Billy Idol song of EYES without a face where every time you sleep you do so go places, and you might see many many faces, but while your BODY is in this SIMULATION` while you rest on your bed, or take a nap too rest your head, it will [never happen] /_\ #QANON in Your DREAMS that you will see your TRUE FACE!!! You will STOP at this point and really really TRY ever so Clever to REMEMBER what you actually look like in the DREAM world, but it can not happen for NO ONE EVER LANDED ON THE MOON in this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory…

Now I do know we are all doing a lot more Dreaming and having Visions just as The Book of Books the Holy Rollie Biblical did say would happen at THE END OF AN AGE!!! Moreover, I know you see that They Want To RFID Chip us Humans now from the Day we are Born till the Day we Do so die to OUR TEMPORARY LIVES… What is going on with this Place called PURGATORY that every thing is a Lie and run by LIARS for the FREE MASON cannot be in CONTROL if they too were TOLD to Take an OATH to a Lie and WE THEM LIARS being these EVIL SPIRITS that get into our Soul and Demonic Possession to every Human of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Aggression!!!

It don’t matter what ANY ONE OF US REAL PEOPLE Say that (COVID19) ain’t fucking real cause we are born into a DREAM called THE GREAT WORK, and this CONSTRUCT we are all born and raised has rules and laws that apply to going HOME whence you die if you can find this Narrow Path of Christ Jesus that is only to be HONEST with ones own Mind, and Soul, and Person, and then tell others THE WAY OUT of this Fucking Very Realistic VIDEO GAME Virtual Reality known as The Purgatorial where IT ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME as a Role Playing Horror Story of Death, and Damnation, and the Destruction of EVERY NATION by way of the EDISON Machine of Forced Slave Labor Technology and Mechanization in SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA USA…

So let me ask you a Q question my People of Pak-Toe… Do We have Bodies to RETURN to when we die in this Virtual Reality we are to walk through from Birth to our DAY that no one knows The Day or Hour we shall die as THE HOLY BIBLE is the CODE BOOK for this Purgatorium!!!! You know you have many many dreams, you know you have DE-JA-VU each time YOU lived…., and lasted longer then the LAST TIME you played this NEVER ENDING STORY called PURGATORY, and yet, for all the Walks in this Waking Dream where in a Holographic Life magic to sorcery to Ghost and Spirits and SYMBIOTS to SOLIDS ain’t No Big Deal, why is it you have NEVER seen your REAL Reflection in a Mirror when you do so dream for THE END OF TIME to take you away from and this place……., so you no longer RESET and REPEAT whence you die.?.?.?.?

Johnny Exodice

How Come you can do Magic and See someone land on the MOON when they did not??? Because you are still IN THE DREAM, not a Matrix, and God has put you here to see what Madness does to an Entire SOCIETY where you have been allowed to keep your SANITY, but all those whom walk among you with their MASK, and their SECURITY, and their WAR IS MURDER are insane Spirits in the minds of men, and wombmen whom are THE LOST SOULS of them whom do not know whom they are, where they are, or what they are, and if you TELL “these people” and persons everything is a LIE in this PLACE, then they will Slap You in the FACE!!! And say: I do not want to KNOW just Tell me [why] / * \ I have No Soul.?.?.?

The Sentinel…

I did not come back to JUDGE this ONE World, or even you… You must Judge one Another for YOU KNOW what one another have done…. I ONLY Came back to take you home if you want to come home???. and STOP playing this FOOLISH GAME of TV SHOWS and Distractions… It is TIME to Wake Up, or be dammed here forever and ever to START it all over in the YEAR 2094 C.E. where MUD FLOODS and CATACLYSM will happen once again...

The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction has so spoken…


Imagine that` YOU are “trapped” in A DREAM you can not WAKE UP from this DREAM WORLD till you die to be JUDGED for your ACTIONS….., not just your thougths…

The Rag Tag Rebellion goes on in our Cyberpunk {Steam Punk} SO, FUCK YOU ALL!!!!

You wanted to have ALL KNOWLEDGE… So now that you have read every work to this writ, READ the NEW TESTAMENT, and then Read The OLD TESTAMENT, and then Do what Christ Jesus asked for I AM HE as HE IS IN ME…..., and anyone whom has the HOLY Water Spirit knows we LEAVE THE GAME whence we die to this place, so we don’t HAVE to PLAY THE GAME of PURGATORY any fucking more!!!

JOHN 13:34

You See, You Just don’t TREAT People the way our EMPLOYEES “The U.N. FLAG” Governments whom LIVE OFF OUR TAXES, and TITHES, and GIFTS Treat WE THE PEOPLE whom employ, and Arm them… The Society of nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition...


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Epístomo 8 months ago

Oohhh I missed this so much... Thank you...

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