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Published on 05 Oct 2020 / In How-to and Style

Jesus teaches us to focus on His message more than the miracles.

He felt an urgent need for His message to get out to the whole world. So what is His message?...

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

There is NO Your God, My God, or Their God, there is only OUR God…

Once you “decide” too Think for your Self, then no one can tell you what to do` that you do not willingly want to do… Moreover, in this world where WAR IS MURDER, I would like to see the LAW of the United Nations FLAGS that says: You are “Allowed” too MURDER Humans if you place flags on them, and say: This one is A Jew, This one is A Muslim, This one is a Hindu, and we all know there are Many Religions, and Many Corporations, and that FLAGS are not a People for FLAGS are only given unto CORPORATIONS…. When we look at the WHO of the WTO of the IMF that owns all Countries World Debts, it is evident that these U.N. PEACEKEEPING “Troops” have nothing to do with Peace, but only doing Occupation as they are “Armed” to the Teeth in their U.N. Zionist Jesuit FREE MASON Military Empire, and the MASONS are the ones who say: You!!!! Go kill for me…

Why should me, and my people kill for a “FLAG” that we have no say in the LAWS??? I do not see any nonmason as Judges in these U.N. FLAGS ICC Magistrates.?.?.? I know we the nonmason POPULATIONS do not want to drop bombs on our Fellow Humans, and I see that this world MONOPOLY is the (COVID19) Corporate Take Over of all U.N. FLAGS Companies… The TV 2D FLAT SCREENS in our Flat Earth of this “Celestial” Sphere are being used as a WEAPON against we the nonmason Populations of the World……., and now that WE THE PEOPLE whom pay the Taxes that Buy the Weapons see OUR EMPLOYEES these Military “Personnel” and OUR Governmentals are doing Dereliction of Duty, and they are “not” keeping Their OATH OF OFFICE to our States Flags Citizens Constitutions, then the GOVERNMENT, and The MILITARY of every U.N. FLAG are the Godless ones among we whom know “Our God” does not want Humans too harm humans…

Tell me this Employee Trump and Pence` as My Public “Servant” where you live off my WELFARE known as My Taxes too Fund you to do the Will of We The People, why do “you” keep Breaking Your OATH OF OFFICE to the United States of and for American CONSTITUTION.?.?.?, and why are These Generals WE EMPLOY as Public “Servants” also being OATH BREAKERS, but no one arrest Trump or Pence or any one of these “EMPLOYEES” of We The People for collusion, and conspiracy with the U.N. military Government??? After all, do not WE THE PEOPLE Employ the UNITED NATIONS as well, as “they live” off our Nations Taxes, and Religious Donations!!! The U.N. is also committing High Treason, Sedition, Treachery, and so are the TV “Talking” Heads, and their {NEWS} World Order as THEY LIVE do Malfeasance decade “upon” decade since the end of the MUD FLOOD WARS in 1855…

You can fool some of the People some of the Time, but at some point, WE THE PEOPLE are not being fooled anymore for we see “we” The nonmason Populations are all being “played” by these FREE MASON Lodges that run our Town Halls, The Hospitals, The Courts, and all the way to the TOP OF THE Pyramid where “Actors” called OUR Elected Officials whom live off of WE THE PEOPLE’S Charity in Taxes Taxes Taxes, and yet all these “people” in our HOME TOWNS are part of the attempt to wipe out every “nonmason” in and on this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Reality, and as far as I know, this means our Governments, and our Military FLAGS are all committing MUTINY against we The Citizens of our National FLAGS, and that makes it LEGAL too kill any one “Associated” with the U.N. for they are all “Traitors” doing SEDITION as FREE MASON Lodge Members…

Johnny Exodice


Let it be known: that We the Society of nonmason know how to “fight back” in OUR DREAMS whilst we sleep, and when you push back in your Dream State while Sleeping, it does effect, and affect what happens here in our Waking Walking World… No longer allow your Dreams to Torment you whilst you sleep my people of Pak-Toe’ rather` Take Out The Trash that are these OATH BREAKERS to your Counties, Provinces, and Nations Boarders, for if they “break” their OATH OF OFFICE, it is legal to kill them in Secret or In Plain Sight… The President “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

The Sentinel…

I see no reason to let a mere EMPLOYEE get away with “Murder” be it a FREE MASON in the U.S. Military to any other Military that is doing “Collusion” with these INTERNATIONALIST of the United Nations International Mafia of and for Their FREE MASON Lodge members…

The Commander~


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