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Good Bye Germ Theory - Ending a Century of Medical Fraud - (audiobook)

Times of Truth
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Published on 21 Aug 2020 / In People and Blogs

"Good Bye Germ Theory - Ending a Century of Medical Fraud And How To Protect Your Family" - (audiobook)
Good-bye Germ Theory is a must read for all those who love children. It is especially written for parent's education. You will learn pertinent facts about an ever growing and oppressive medical system that has been rooting themselves into the lives of each American for over 75 years. Unlike other books of its' kind, Good-bye Germ Theory attacks the actual core of medical belief which is portrayed as science, but turns out to be more like dogmatic religion. Also unique to this book is its' legal research section. Parents often feel so overwhelmed with the complexities of the legal system, that they succumb to unwanted medical treatment for their children. This book will show you how to know your particular State's vaccination laws inside-out, so that any person may effectively challenge an oppressive vaccination law using the many legal forms provided.

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The Fallacies of Germ Theory and the reality is this "The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything"

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