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Gold Star Mom, Susan Price on 2020, Trump, Election, Great Awakening, and Our Future!!

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Published on 03 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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Gold Star Mom, Susan Price on 2020, Trump, Election, Great Awakening, and Our Future!!

⭐⭐ Susan Price, Intuitive, Super Patriot, Veteran, Citizen Journalist, Advocate for Justice & Marine Gold Star Mother of Gunnery Sgt Aaron M. Kenefick. Aaron was named 2 times in 12 years as Marine of the Year, and was former President George W. Bush's personal attendee at the 2004 RNC. Susan has appeared on 60 Minutes, and other national media as well as and Patriot radio. Having worked with various Congressmen concerning our Military and Veterans, she has been sought out by many as the β€œthe Gold Star Mother with a voice” – and β€œgo to person”.

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Tomir 21 days ago

Thank you all so much again for these messages. Yes and it is truth that we are watching even from small state in the middle of Europe.Sending support for 6th January. But we know mr. Trump WON so just to show to all :-)

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Colob123 21 days ago

The full video link is throwing an error.

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Puppykisser 21 days ago

Yes! Bring on the victory celebration... America and the world have waited long enough. It’s going to be another shot heard around the world! As far as Biden goes... seal the filth up in his own basement... give him to God. Its time we move on , It’s become the nightmare neighbor that will never go home...
I never question who is president and why should I... millions voted for and elected Trump. This is happening because it has to as irritating as it may be...but It doesn’t change who won the presidency! President Trump is the President of the people, no ands, ifs, or butts! Happy New Year& God Bless you all... think of good things and good things will happen!

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AaronMT1969 21 days ago

The world will find out everything on the Ides of March...

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AaronMT1969 21 days ago

The 13 blood lines of the descendants of Cain who have been living in Venice Italy have all been decapitated by the U.S. military special ops and Trump will be inaugurated on the 20th and Nancy Pelosi will admit publicly their crimes against humanity, :)

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