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God's Enemy Today & The Hidden History of Man (Why Rob Skiba was Covid Murdered)

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 367 Views
Published on 27 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

In this Special Report -

We leave the news and dive a bit into history, the Bible, and Gods enemies. For more information visit and .com/history

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

You must KNOW the code to understand and comprehend the Capitalist and their FREE MASON Lodge Members SUITS!!!!

In Code Mars is a Continent known as the God of War USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! and in duality talk it is also what we Romantic Warriors call Atlantis in the Pacific Ocean, and MOON is the Bank of London, and also in DUALITY Talk the other hidden Continent on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere known as Kulu in the Indian ocean with unknown Military Weapons, but we do know Everyone from INNER EARTH to the Other Side of this World to them on them two MOVING Floating Continents watch the same TV SHOWS!!!!

That is how THEY LIVE Blend in among WE ARE....

So.... once you know the USA is MARS in FREE MASON Code Talk like Elon Musk says, that means these Crying Merchant Ships filled with EMPTY Containers to take away the dead of JADE HELM 15 and [U.N. Troops] QBALLS~ /_\ from MADE IN CHINA now surround the Ports of the U.S. Military as the Red Dragon from the Book of Revelation, and since your Local Police - National to Coast Guard from the U.S. Navy - Air Force - Marines - Army too Special Forces ARE and is all working for {Space Force} [{**}] including NATO the UNITED NATIONS Byzantine Empire in this HARRIS FARMER'S Almanac 2021 "era" of 75,300 means the USA is about to get wiped out by the U.N. Troops of {G4S] Black Rock and Black Stone (Academy) WEARING all our LOCAL and City Police Department UNIFORMS.......,

and all other Military UNIFORMS as U.N. Troops [hidden in plain] /-\ sight as Space Force controls it all at Central Command wherever CENTRAL COMMAND actually is in the INNER EARTH Civilization...

Considering the Whole Wide World hates these (Fake Jews) +=+ from the Book of Revelation Hollywood USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

the world leaders might use nuclear weapons on the U.S. War Flag "CORPORATION" as these Androids want too hide UNDERGROUND now in the Mars Cities right below our very 50 National Country STATE FLAGS feet.........,

and if the USA no longer controls the Nuclear Hydrogen Atomic Weapons because [Skynet] NOW does through the INTERNET COMPUTER Web 3.0 thence as I said: On 11-03-2022 THEY LIVE will Nuke Seattle Washington, and the OVER POPULATION down below will take over TOP SIDE....

NOW the Tunguska Asteroid was a PRE MUD FLOOD Weapon tested after the Mud Flood Wars in (1908) just before the MUD FLOOD WAR of WORLD WAR ONE and thence WORLD WAR TWO,

and if the FREE MASON Lodges "Androids" on your TV Screens were to use this weapon on Seattle Washington USA USA USA like in that David Bowie song of LETS DANCE Video, thence, it might work too return everyone back into believing FAKE SPACE is real when we are "inside" this Purgatorium known as our Dead MEMORY of what happened to our Real Home World Celestial Sphere....

#TheCrewRRR ?

Tunguska event
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Tunguska event
Trees knocked over by the Tunguska blast. Photograph from the Soviet Academy of Science 1927 expedition led by Leonid Kulik.
Date 30 June 1908
Time 07:17
Location Podkamennaya Tunguska River, Siberia, Russian Empire
Coordinates 60°53′09″N 101°53′40″ECoordinates: 60°53′09″N 101°53′40″E[1]
Cause Probable meteor air burst of small asteroid or comet
Outcome Flattening 2,150 km2 (830 sq mi) of forest
Devastation to local plants and animals
Deaths 0 confirmed, 3 possible
Property damage A few damaged buildings
The Tunguska event (occasionally also called the Tunguska incident) was a tremendous ~12 megaton[2] explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Yeniseysk Governorate (now Krasnoyarsk Krai), Russia, on the morning of June 30, 1908.[1][3] The explosion over the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga flattened an estimated 80 million trees over an area of 2,150 km2 (830 sq mi) of forest, and eyewitness reports suggest that at least three people may have died in the event.[4][5][6][7][2] The explosion is generally attributed to a meteor air burst: the atmospheric explosion of a stony meteoroid about 50–60 metres (160–200 feet) in size.[2][8]: p. 178 The meteoroid approached from the east-southeast, and likely with a relatively high speed of about 27 km/s (60,000 mph) (~Ma 80).[2] It is classified as an impact event, even though no impact crater has been found; the object is thought to have disintegrated at an altitude of 5 to 10 kilometres (3 to 6 miles) rather than to have hit the surface of the Earth.[9]

The Tunguska event is the largest impact event on Earth in recorded history, though much larger impacts have occurred in prehistoric times. An explosion of this magnitude would be capable of destroying a large metropolitan area.[10] It has been mentioned numerous times in popular culture, and has also inspired real-world discussion of asteroid impact avoidance.[citation needed]

1 Description
1.1 Selected eyewitness reports
2 Scientific investigation
2.1 Earth impactor model
2.1.1 Glancing impact hypothesis
2.1.2 Blast pattern
2.1.3 Asteroid or comet?
2.1.4 Lake Cheko
2.2 Geophysical hypotheses
3 Similar event
4 In popular culture
5 See also
6 References
7 Bibliography
8 External links

Location of the event in Siberia (modern map)
On 30 June 1908 (N. S.) (cited in Russia as 17 June 1908, O. S., before the implementation of the Soviet calendar in 1918), at around 07:17 local time, Evenki natives and Russian settlers in the hills northwest of Lake Baikal observed a bluish light, nearly as bright as the sun, moving across the sky and leaving a thin trail. Closer to the horizon, there was a flash producing a billowing cloud, followed by a pillar of fire that cast a red light on the landscape. The pillar split in two and faded, turning to black. About ten minutes later, there was a sound similar to artillery fire. Eyewitnesses closer to the explosion reported that the source of the sound moved from the east to the north of them. The sounds were accompanied by a shock wave that knocked people off their feet and broke windows hundreds of kilometres away.[2]

The explosion registered at seismic stations across Eurasia, and air waves from the blast were detected in Germany, Denmark, Croatia, and the United Kingdom—and as far away as Batavia, Dutch East Indies, and Washington, D.C.[11] It is estimated that, in some places, the resulting shock wave was equivalent to an earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter magnitude scale.[12] Over the next few days, night skies in Asia and Europe were aglow.[13] There are contemporaneous reports of brightly lit photographs being successfully taken at midnight (without the aid of flashbulbs) in Sweden and Scotland.[11] It has been theorized that this sustained glowing effect was due to light passing through high-altitude ice particles that had formed at extremely low temperatures as a result of the explosion—a phenomenon that decades later was reproduced by space shuttles.[14][15] In the United States, a Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory program at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California observed a months-long decrease in atmospheric transparency consistent with an increase in suspended dust particles.[16]

Selected eyewitness reports

Tunguska marshes, around the area where it fell. This photo is from the magazine Around the World, 1931. The original photo was taken between 1927 and 1930 (presumptively no later than 14 September 1930).
Though the region of Siberia in which the explosion occurred was very sparsely populated in 1908, there are accounts of the event from eyewitnesses who were in the surrounding area at the time, and regional newspapers reported the event shortly after it occurred.

According to the testimony of S. Semenov, as recorded by Russian mineralogist Leonid Kulik's expedition in 1930:[17]

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hatbox 2 months ago

Fallen angels are not demons. Demons are the disembodied spirits of nephilim killed in the flood and before the flood. They are not disembodied human spirits, etc., and their numbers don't multiply. Fallen angels are the "watchers" who led the second rebellion against Yahweh. Satan's was the first rebellion. Fallen angels sent to "watch over" man mixed seed with humankind and that was their rebellion.

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