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Gnosticism - The Gospel of Mary Magdalene - Salvation through Self-Knowledge of the Soul & Mind

AnonArrow2 - 202 Views
Published on 19 Dec 2022 / In Spiritual

The (gnostic?) Gospel of Mary provide us a glimpse into a radically alternative form of ancient Christianity. One where inner, spiritual knowledge is the key to salvation, where women and men have equal standing based on their understanding of the message of the Savior and one where the soul must rise above the demonic gatekeepers of the physical cosmos rather than to believe in credal formulas or even the salvific power of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In this Gospel, Mary Magdalene is the true inheritor of the spiritual Gospel of Christ rather than Peter who attacks her solely based on her gender, despite her profound relationship with the Savior and her understanding of his secret teachings.

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De Boer - The Gospel of Mary: Listening to the Beloved Disciple - 978-0567082640
Brock - Mary Magdalene, The First Apostle - 978-0674009660

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AnonArrow2 3 months ago

in 1984 while residing with a very spiritual psychic woman, in Dallas Texas, she received guests that were two Episcopalian Monks. These two Monks had sought refuge in the Episcopalian church after a significant falling out with the Vatican. They both had been priests working in the Vatican. One of them worked in the legendary Vatican library, keeping track of things, making sure things were in good order. One day he came upon a book called 'The Book of Mary' ... I assume he read it but I'm not sure. I don't even know what language it was written in. I was quite young at the time and most certainly much more immature in my understanding and importance of such events and stories and I didn't really know what questions to ask. He decided to show the book to his superiors, insisting that it needed attention. This was not well received and he was told to put it back where he found it. But he persevered in his insistence and gathered the support of a colleague, the other Monk he now traveled with who also was also a priest at the Vatican. I guess the two of them made an unwelcome ruckus to the point that they said they literally feared for their lives and fled the Vatican. Refuge was found with the Episcoplians and they granted them into an order of Monks, where they stayed. I wish I had been older and wiser when I encountered them.

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