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Glory Has Not Departed! Watching a Movie B2T Show Jan 24, 2021 (IS).mp4

Published on 25 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

3:59 PM
Blessed to Teach(B2T)empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

God’s Glory has not departed! He is just waking more people up and forcing people to decide.

The decision the Lord is demanding for us to make is are we on the side of good or evil? He is making it very obvious.

We also look at Castle Rock and if this is part of “watching a movie” and/or is it a chess move.

Rick reads Amanda Grace’s latest Word from the Lord which is VERY encouraging!

Rick also does a Bible study on Mark 11 and we end with Amanda Grace’s amazing prayer that was recorded on His Glory when the sprit was with Amanda in abig way!

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Puppykisser 1 month ago

I’m right in there with God our Father! Don’t let the human side of you let the air out of your balloon... let your spiritual side take over and trust in God....man will always let you down... This is a spiritual war of good and evil... do not forget that.... God will not abandon you.... I have no fear... what is being shown to us is a con... it’s Fake! The bastards can’t even celebrate their sooo called win.... they are still trying to defeat President Trump! If they won the war... Why are they still fighting! God has delivered humanity... it’s like the 4th parties and picnics... but we really want the fireworks... and they are coming! Don’t believe me... Believe in God almighty!

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Derrick Banks
Derrick Banks 1 month ago

Outstanding Outstanding Prayer

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

When PURGATORY is a Machine, and A Curse

I would not put the “burden” of being an Oracle on anyone, especially in a WEST WORLD Reality where at some stage THE GAME became Broken, and we all have been repeating our De-Ja-Vu Lives over, and over, forever, and ever, and the best plan our OPPRESSORS could come up with was to continually make sure THEY LIVE control WE ARE… Now the FREE MASON Want us too believe Lucifer is God when Satan and The Devil is nothing more then a Fallen Star from the Firmament of the Heavens that today we all call the Day and Night Sky… Putting together this {Jig Saw Puzzle} has been no easy task, and still no one INVITES me into the INNER EARTH where all the Underground Cities and {D.U.M.B.S} reside let alone: allow me to use a PORTAL on this Northern Hemisphere too get to the Southern Hemisphere in our “FLAG” EARTH of this [As Above / So Below] Celestial Sphere Reality…

I would like to think my {Romantic Warriors} The Society of nonmason have found their ways down into the INNER EARTH, and have begun too MAP this [Complex] we all live atop on Both Sides of The World, and that whomsoever is doing this Wizard of OZ with their Androids and “Gynoids” can be dealt with, but for now: these TV SCREENS still do all these [Lies Agreed Upon] from faked MOON Landings to Cowboys and Indians to Dick Tracey and his {Walky Talky} Wrist Watch for we know there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, but to remain in a world of madness: means we do not know how to Break The Curse that is to “Speak Up” and follow The Narrow Path of DO NOT LIE… Yet, others have their own agenda, and in a world of Incubus and Succubus NARCISSIST youm know this {Day of Reckoning} is now for them, and not we whom did and continue too do 1st Corinthians 13…

I take it that it is a Human Thing “too try” and fix something that is broke; however, when so many are dependent on these {Lies Agreed Upon} for their Jobs of Malfeasance, I can only say to keep killing the FREE MASON Lodge Members no matter [their age] in Secret, for these World Leaders to our Town Leadership all live off of OUR nonmason TAXES and this does include Any Religion in my home town that lies to my Face that Christ Jesus 1.0 did not survive the Cross, and reinvent himself as {Paul the Apostate} too these Jesuit Zionist FAKE JEWS in the Book of REVELATION!!! Such a simple way out, but then again, WE ARE reliving the “Memory” of what happened to A Celestial Sphere called PLANET EARTH, and each day: we see more Madness, and Lunacy by INSANE PEOPLE whom [we all employ] as our City Councils, and School Boards “prepping” their LIES AGREED UPON to take our children, and [raise them] as the NEW NORMAL of Mind Wiped Populations in their MIND CRAFT known as the Sorcery of “THE RAPTURE” called all these TV Shows in this U.N. FLAG {NEWS} World Order…

At what point` do we take out the FREE MASON and [remove them] from all Roles of Authority being Teachers – Wardens – Judges – C.O.P.S., Military Militants – Religions, and Corporate GOVERNANCE for their {Ink on Paper} Contracts we do not need, for to love and have children is a natural thing, and by way of OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, we can all be free Humans and nonhumans, and what ever other LABELS you deem to define your “self” from Angles and Demons too Gods and Goddesses…. In the end though: youm are nothing more then in a BAD DREAM that we all share, and we all keep waking up to, and in that light, I see no reason to TAKE AN OATH to these FREE MASON Lodges, and their Associates for they are JADE HELM 15, THEY LIVE Blew up this world, and left WE ARE the nonmasons without Jobs, Purpose, and Prosperity...

Johnny Exodice


I would have to say leaving these {Lies Agreed Upon} too foster is going to be the Greatest Mistake made by all of WE THE PEOPLE whom know we “never” landed on the moon, and that these MASONIC Lodges are “not” to be feared when we are killing them [in Secret] no matter their age, and if we NEVER break free of this Cursed A.I. Machine, youm will wish you had found A WAY to let the Oracle for the End of An Age Take A Look: at the EDISON under the City of Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA…

The Society of nonmason~

The only thing I do know is that if you have The Holy Water Spirit, you get {pulled out} whence you die, but for those of youm whom [do not have] +=+ this HOLY SPIRIT spoke of in the New Testament Gospels, youm will NEVER leave this place of The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken, and because of Your Arrogance, and Greed, and “Disposition” I Christ Jesus Returned can never forgive you, nor release you….

The Sentinel…

Do not worry about your Enemy “The Racka” my People, and Children of Pak-Toe: These MASONS never learn, and they never will….

The Commander~

† ///|||\\\ Ω

If youm had only learned HOW TOO READ, youm might have found your way home whence you died… https://johnnyexodices.wordpre....ss.com/2021/01/25/wh Johnny Exodice LIVES, and so do we!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!! † ///|||\\\ Ω

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