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Winged Lion
Winged Lion - 316 Views
Published on 19 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Special thanks to Freedom music. He has allowed me to share his sonic healing for free please support him here. THIS VIDEO IS MY BEST EFFORT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET WILL ACTUALLY TAKE PLACE. I ASK ALL TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND TO INVESTIGATE THE WEBSITES INDICATED AND TO USE THIS AS A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION PROVIDED BY MS GOGUEN AND HER TEAMS. This is t part 2 of my Global Restoration Plan Introduction to Kim Goguen and her various platforms: ProjectSpeak.Net - UnitedNetwork.Munchee.Tv - - Disclaimer: I am not officially part of Kim's Teams other than I am a member of the Siskiyou de jure assembly. We need help if you live in the area contact me. I do not know everything about Kim but I feel in my heart and intuition she is absolutely real honest faithful and true to her responsibility as ground command and the guardian of the earth. I apologize if in any of these three videos I said something that was incorrect. I was just motivated by my intuition to share her efforts with the world. Please investigate and make your own decision. May God Protect us all

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