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Giza Power Plant Secret that Chris Dunn Chose Not To Reveal To The NonCult Humans

JamesRoss - 528 Views
Published on 31 Mar 2021 / In Technology

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New Atlantis Cult convocation reading by Bill Cooper:

Ugetube must be the best learning site the Internet has every had. I'm going to start paying them something... What a great community of good-willed awakening people here... except for all the "make money" virus linked comments I have to waste time deleting.

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Ohkay, The hydrolosis main engine required back pressure to force the water downward much lower than the mot . So, not only did the priests maintain the hydrochloric acid slurry and dilute hydrated zinc of the starter engine, but once the starter engine was running for a while, the hydrogen and oxygen would purge the nitrogen out and other gases. The priest would then cap off the king chamber shafts in order to build up enough internal pressure to drive the water in the Grotto and Ascending Passage downward. The pressure head from the mot could be raised or lowered to fine-tune the hydrolysis and thus the power production. Once the hydrolysis was pressured up properly,and stable, no more slurry would be added to the starter engine shafts. The pyramid would run forever as long as the mot water was maintained.
This Power Plant Tower/Fortress had to be designed by the ancient A.I. Jehovah that I bet someone painted in the peak of the Basilica: of the Divining Serpent.:

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