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Giant Developments Trump Is Taking Over The Deep State And Huge Coronavirus News

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 29 Mar 2020 / In News and Politics

The Alex Jones Show
Alex Jones discusses Trump, the Federal Reserve, and more on this Special Saturday Report!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 10 months ago

The Delineator

Once you look up this word in the Title of this Syllogism, you will come to see that all your life has been Stories of Ink on Paper where 1D symbols became 2D Spells known as The CRAFT of the Spell casters just as you have News Casters, and CAST in your TV shows be it the World News to the Local News Paper… However, so many of you have been raised by the 2D FLAT SCREENS since the day you came out of your Mothers Womb, you do not know where you are, whom you are, or what you are WITHOUT the TV MATRIX telling you what to be, how to be, and where you are allowed to live, or travel… You do not QUESTION why you pay so many taxes, and yet them Taxes do not pay to fix your roads, feed your people, or keep that FREE MASON Lodge open to PUBLIC INSPECTION when all your Public Servants go there to have Secret Meetings, and talk about your Town, and Your Community, and your School Work??? YOU Did not know the Principle of your School to your Family Doctor all belong to that FREE MASON Lodge in your home town now did you???

There is a saying that you are only as SICK AS YOUR SECRETS, and since COVID 19 is just one big secret called the U.S. FLAG Military Take Over of all States Rights, and State Representation too have your State FLAGS, and your States Constitutions burned, what does it matter to you when you can’t even read the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION??? You only want to watch your TV Idols, and Worship them as your Role Models cause you my nonmason and even you FREE MASON Kids are too feeble minded to THINK FOR YOUR SELF!!! Do you really think because you play Mine Craft all day long that God, and Jesus, and Mohammad, from Moses to Noah to Ezekiel are all going to say: Good and Faithful Servant!!! You took care of other humans sleeping on the street while The NATIONAL GUARD goes door to door to take your people away saying: The United States GOVERNMENT is under MARTIAL LAW by REX 84 and Agenda 21 + 30 of PROJECT BLUE BEAM?????

You should have learned from them JEWS in the Book of Hezekiah that life Repeats Repeats Repeats and that is why you have De Ja Vu in this Never Ending Oraborus CURSE of them FREE MASON Lodges that are actually Churches of SATAN whom your Dirty C.O.P.S. bring all the drugs, and the prostitution, and them Strip Bars that are nothing more then HUMAN TRAFFICKING known as YOUNG TRANNY SEX web search engines of little children whom had their Vaginas wrenched out of their 5 year old bodies to girls as old as 16 have this Medical Procedure done by FREE MASON Doctors, Lawyers, and Judges!!! How cruel to take a kids Sex Organ and Womb out of them, and then sew a dead mans penis to solidify as one with that child, and then Torment and Torture that child till they can SMILE on Q, and say: Yes Yes!!! Stick it up my Ass cause my pussy is long gone!!!

You may not hunt the FREE MASON as we The Society of nonmason do, but you can not say our Reason and Rational that ALL FREE MASON MUST DIE is not a Just and Righteous Cause… So when you see Military Men and Wombmen pointing guns at your towns people, you do have my permission as the One and True and only Commander to SHOOT THEM IN THE BACK just as these FREE MASON Lodges have all stabbed we the nonmason CITIZEN Populations in the Back for this Fake ass WORLD DOMINATION PLOT known as “COVID 19” where all U.N. FLAGS Leadership will kill their own Tax Payers, and Citizens, and Communities… The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation has spoken...

Johnny Exodice


You can download BOOK THREE OF PUZZLES at mewe.com Johnny Exodice


NEVER FORGET the U.S. FLAG gave all people “Syphilis” in the 1930’s during the last COVID 19 U.S. FLAG Military “Operation” of Depopulation for JADE HELM 15…


Also my “nonmason” Populations, are you going to let these MASONS “take your babies” as soon as they come out of The Womb, and “make them” the New INCUBATOR BABIES from The MUD FLOOD “Rapture” of 1893 to 1945 T.L. ?????

The Commander~



Since The SUGGESTION is to stay “6 Feet Apart” from other Humans, then why not OPEN the Bars and let us Sit “666 Feet” Apart, and Drink, and Socialize on our “Cell Phones” using TEXT, and that way no one “breaths” on one another…..., and we can do Emojis “in the bars” rather then High Fives???? Also the Servers and The Mixologist can Dress in the “Containment Suits” so no catches the Emoji` Texting Bat Snake Corona Beer “Kobe Burger” Bar-B-Q!!!!!


The Governor

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