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Ghislaine Maxwell Complains About Prison Life. 😀😂🤣🤪

superdavebeastula - 135 Views
Published on 18 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Seriously. The nerve and entitlement of Ghislaine Maxwell is through the roof. She Complains About the food and the decor of her prison cell. She has the audacity to say that one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims was fabricating her story about her. Incredible.

Here's the article from Newsweek that we used.

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hatbox 3 months ago

Good. Maybe the other inmates will take her/him out.

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pedopeter 3 months ago

Prison can suck but use this time to eat better and get in shape.. read, reflect, repent. Wait until you go back to real life. If prison did anything for you, it's quite eye opening! It can work for good if your receptive.

The whores always complained the loudest. Second only to drug dealers and addicts. What a torcher chamber for them! Kinda gives you insight on who and what gizzy is.

-ex felon

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