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General Ben Hodges (Ret.): Will Russia Accept Defeat? | Jake Broe Podcast (E009)

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 04 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

Lt. General Ben Hodges (Ret.) served for 38 years in the United States Army and is the former Commander or US Army Europe. General Hodges is currently a senior advisor with Human Rights First and has been making the argument since February that Ukraine will win this war and Russia will lose. In this podcast episode we talk about the current state of the Russian military, Iran, China, and when Ukraine will win this war.

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0:00 - Welcome
0:24 - Why did Western deterrence fail to prevent this war?
3:25 - Why do people in the West believe Russia cannot lose?
5:23 - What kind of support does Ukraine need the most right now?
9:22 - Is the West over-estimating the threat of Russian escalation?
11:51 - Why is Russia floating all these crazy stories in state media?
13:55 - Would you say that Russia's mobilization has helped their manpower problem?
17:26 - Why does it appear that Russia does not care about unit morale?
19:53 - Why don't more Russian soldiers choose to surrender?
21:55 - What impact is being had by Russia lacking a senior NCO corps?
25:45 - What can NATO do to stop the flow of Iranian drones to Ukraine?
29:53 - Are you surprised by China's lack of support for Russia?
32:36 - How will the winter months change this war?
35:40 - Will Russia ever accept defeat and the loss of Crimea?
37:50 - Can you explain your work with Human Rights First?
40:37 - Final thoughts for the listeners out there who care about Ukraine?

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