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GENE DECODE, Viewer Q&A, Flat Earth, Court Of Love, Trump, Vax, Lucifer, Clones, D.U.M.B.S.

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Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

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GENE DECODE, Viewer Q&A :) Flat Earth, Court Of Love, Christian vs Spiritual, Metatron, Trump & Vax, Lucifer, Clones, Alien Invaders, D.U.M.B.S., OBE, Birth Certificates, Social Security Numbers, Tachyon Energy, and More! :) Flat Earth, Court Of Love, Christian vs Spiritual, Metatron, Trump & Vax, Lucifer, Clones, Alien Invaders, D.U.M.B.S., OBE, Birth Certificates, Social Security Numbers, Tachyon Energy, and More!
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⭐⭐ Guest: GENE DECODE former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, to The Great Awakening.
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zarahdrew 14 days ago

Gene gives his information for free and you put it behind a pay wall and you use on a free platform. Spiritually raw? No, I think it is spiritually stunted

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bradleyCross 15 days ago

Hello I saw your advertisement of this show and started watching it but something EVIL happened, it was great but it just like cut off after just a couple questions. it's like Biden offering poor people to come here for everything Free only to find out without money you must march through the torture of Cartels and being misled into a prison camp hoping you don't get sold. Well I guess there is no difference, if you want to learn about the truth of whats going on in the world, there is a hidden unadvertised price to pay to get what was advertised for a show. I'm sure God would approve of it since you are dressed up to fit the part.

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Spiritual beings of Love

We are all Spiritual beings of our creator.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 15 days ago

3D Printed food in Prisons and Mental Wards


How do you think they PERFECTED eating Human Meat be it our Aborted Babies too using Meat Tenderizer in the Embalming of OUR nonmason Dead, and once you know all MASONS are Witches - Warlocks - Wizards of “THE CRAFT” of all them on the TV Shows whom are Fairies and Demons and INCUBUS and Succubus,

how else would you feed these {Creatures of the night} then make the World Leaders to Music Stars to Sport Stars to [all of them] QBALLS~ /_\ on the Hollywood Too Bollywood where HUMANS are used to make EVERY CORPORATION FAST FOOD, and in that: they can feed in secret being this HIDDEN IN PLAIN Sight while we the (unknowing) masses eat our Human Dead however they were put down,

and after Generations of KFC to the Golden Arches French Fries “fried” in human fat as no HUMAN Food goes too waste for these Parasites, then youm know why [THEY LIVE] will never tell {WE ARE} that we Humans of {Sheep and Cattle} as THEY LIVE need to FEED OFF OF OUR FLESH,

and that is the catch of Decent is allowed, but BETRAYAL is death...

Once you know soooo much food is HUMAN Remains……., then you know “why” we are running out of POPULATIONS as (COVID19) is their attempt to cover-up their MASONIC PizzaGATE {over consumption} of our human populations in WAR IS MURDER, and THESE {G4S] U.N. Troops are the FREE MASON C.O.P.S. in your police, and military from Religion to Religion to the CONTROL of all Hospitals with Children, and Courts,

and then they put we INNOCENT “nonmason” POPULATIONS into the Jails, and Prisons of the world, and feed us the DOG FOOD that is Bones and "Sacrilege" with its certain type of grinder up Cartilage of our HUMAN texture remains....

I may have to eat FAST FOOD from time to time too blend in, but I WILL NEVER get the #COVAXXED that will “erase” my memories of what we all know now my Children, and People of Pak-Toe... Always have a Bug Out Plan in case The Racka find you know things, and I will see you at The Camp Fire....


LEARN this place of PURGATORY, and why we cannot “wait” for A Savior, we must do (USE OF FORCE) whenever and wherever: when it comes to {G4S U.N. Troops} and their PEACEKEEPER World Police whom feed off of our people....

The Sentinel... #TheCrewRRR [{**}]

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