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GENE DECODE, TRUMP The 19th PRESIDENT of the United States FOR America! 'Criminal Division Indictment'. HOLD the LINE! Sacred 7, Biden Gets Inaugurated & Arrested, Insurrection Act,

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Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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GENE DECODE, TRUMP The 19th PRESIDENT of the United States FOR America! 'Criminal Division Indictment'. HOLD the LINE! Sacred 7, Biden Gets Inaugurated & Arrested, Insurrection Act, Martial Law, Massive Arrests, NESARA.

⭐⭐ GENE DECODE former U.S. Navy Decoder with highly valuable intel from the Deep-State agendas, to The Great Awakening.

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Punsauce 2 years ago

you know you two are the worst kind of low life's around. I don't watch your rhetoric because I am not dumb enough to fall for your transparent stichk. How does one feel saying they are spiritual and yet make video after video and continue to lie to people and give them false hope and horribly inaccurate information. Is it you two are just huge attention whores? Or do you actually get paid for your little disinformation nonsense? Either way, just the worst kind of people, fake as fuck. If anyone actually defends these idiots you deserve to be fooled by these clowns. They are more worried about how their saggy ass skin looks and being hip, which you both can't your old, it just looks so forced and awkward. Maybe just stop posting shit ya? Go check yourselves into a retirement home, ya done.

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Loren Ken Ortiz
Loren Ken Ortiz 2 years ago

What a fake dumb ass you are. What have you ever done in your life that has helped anyone?

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TiggerUSA17 2 years ago

I wonder what God would think of you charging for access to this information? What would God think about your charging for his word? Greed is what got us here in this situation, and Greed is showing its face here now. Well I know Gene js offering this free to all, all over the world. Considering a very large percentage of people are jobless, cashless, and homeless, I guess you decided to choose their fate for them.
I refuse to judge you as thats Gods job. Blessed to teach, Blessed2Teach has this free, it is on Bitcbute, rumble and many other places, but Gene has also delivered this for free to others like ChristinW, and others so it is freely available as God would have it, so All his Children can make the choice wether they have money or not. For the meek, the poor, will inherit the Kingdom of God, but a rich man has about as much chance to enter the kingdom than a camel fitting through the eye of a needle. Guess where you fall in that list. I think you need to read the bible with an effort to truely learn and understand. Or are you have eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear? Greed is a great big stop sign in your path. You cannot serve God and Money. Whats even worse, is it is not even your work! This was started a long time ago by Gene who later joined up with Rick at Blessed to teach, to work at getting this word out to everyone in their own language. And what do you do? You see Gene & Gods work and see only a way to earn a lot of money off of their work. You remind me of the Sadducees & Pharisees in Jesus' time on this Earth. You still have time to examine yourselves, repent, ask for forgiveness and continue to pray and change your ways. As always, our God believes in choice, it is your timeto choose. I wish you the best and pray for you to see the truth and choose the appropriate path. As for me, I choose to go to where those who have chosen properly have already made this freely available from many different places. With no greed in their hearts.

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem 2 years ago

The God of the Bible???? Maybe you should actually read the book....God is in control of what? Endless WARS.....26000 children starving EVERYDAY on Earth........Lying politicians.........Machiavellian arguments online with people you will never know let alone meet.......800,000 children going missing each year JUST in the US. leaders stealing all the money while 1/3 starve and go to bed hungry? In the BIBLE: YHVH (God) kills 2,476, 633 NOT including the FLOOD or Sodom and Gomorrah. Satan? Only 10. YOU would know that IF you understood the 4th word of Genesis is NOT God, but ELOHIM. PLURAL and meaning LOFTYONES. The OT is a history of the Anunnaki (Elohim) and their WARS.....I am a hebrew Bible Scholar and ORDAINED Minister and purposefully QUIT preaching as I do NOT worship a fucking KILLER! The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.....The Evil god of the Bible is EN.LIL and the kind, loving God of the Bible is EN.KI whose name is EA and pronounced yah---iah---jah and is the YAH of Hallelujah.

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem 2 years ago

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem 2 years ago


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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem 2 years ago

I wonder what YOU would think of your God (sic) if you ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK.......Baaaa ha ha haaaaaaaaa

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem 2 years ago

SATANIC? You folks are NOT Bible Scholars THAT is for sure.....In the Bible, GOD has 2,476,633 recorded kills NOT including the Flood or Sodom and Gomorrah. Satan killed 10 during a BET God made with Satan......TRY READING THE BOOK.

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l1tom 2 years ago

please watch.

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Sponge Head
Sponge Head 2 years ago

Let's just hope that they don't let the satanic Pedophile Traitor biden do to much damage before they act! I know that they have to awakening the sheep by letting these criminals show just what life would be under their leadership but they have already done enough damage to mankind and I for one am sick of it!
I think of the cures big pharma has suppressed and how my brother and mom and dad could still be alive and my blood boils that they had cures just for money.
They have done enough and it's time they pay with their worthless lives!

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