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Gay Pride Month Caused Monkeypox Outbreak And No One Wants To Talk About It

Infowars - 376 Views
Published on 03 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Owen Shroyer breaks down how Pride Month caused the monkeypox outbreak, and how the rise of the disease will be used to implement the next lockdown.

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gip7 2 months ago

Well, it's a good narrative and there's a chance you are rigth. There's a chance that monkeypox is not measles, and not embedded in the jabs people took last year. It's possible that the joos, who play both sides, used the alphabet people to piss off the rest of us with their disgusting behavior and child grooming, and then sacrificed them to satan now that they don't need them anymore. It's possible that both situations are true, as well. It's also possible that new cooties are being spread by pharma through other jabs, like flu vaxx that ppl still take.

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