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Gates Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Company To Release GM Mosquitoes

Yupyup0123 - 640 Views
Published on 23 Jun 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Gates & Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Delivery + Gates Backed Company To Release GM Mosquitoes



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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

When Chinese “DO NOT” mix with OUR General Populations

For those whom know (COVID19) is a WORLD Domination Plot by the U.N. FLAG, and that all FLAGS are U.N. FLAGS of JADE HELM 15 where the TV Screen [would be used] /_\ as a Weapon called PROJECT BLUE BEAM, we must consider what Nations have the most Military, and Spies in the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” of FREE MASON Lodge Members… Now It does not matter if you are in JAPAN to “South Korea” for the WHITE MAN is actually The China Man with his ALL BLACK HAIR and her “Beedy” BLACK Pupils as the most ROBOTIC {5G Eugenic} [{**}] Hybrid Humans in this Celestial Sphere FLAT DUEL EARTH of Heaven and Hell… Theretofore, when you know all “U.N. FLAGS” +=+ will turn on their own people, as even we the “U.S. Citizens” have been thrown away by the “U.S. FLAG” of these 192 U.N. Flags than you make your own ways to save our NONMASON people, and our PINEAPPLE BLOOD LINES “be we” Dark to Light Skin Tones…

Look at yourself “where you are” on the Website in their Section called COUNTRIES……., and you’m will see this [CPAC of NATO] / * \ is to have France kill its nonmason Citizens, and for Germany to murder its nonmason citizens, and this repeats in every “Caucasian” land where we have Chinese hidden in plain sight….., but these “WHITE PEOPLE” do not speak our language, or Native Tongue, nor do they “mix or marry” with our people???, and they have many skills with Knives and Karate too Kung Fu…., and do you ever see the “China” WHITE MAN where you live when they are least 20% of we the “U.S. Citizens” Population???, and their GOVERNMENT CORPORATION now own ALL “The Ports” of these UNITED STATES on both the East and the West Coast??? What of the GREAT MUD FLOOD “RESET” we have all been alluding to.?.?.?, what is really going on while we are TOLD to STAY HOME {by the people} /-\ whom live lives of Grandiosity OFF OUR TAXES and Welfare.?.?.?.?

Have not The Chinese of JADE HELM 15 and REX 84 “been paying” all these Crises Actors on TV to present a RACE WAR between the Light and Dark “Eyes” while the REAL Black Pupils of the Chinese are no where to be seen where we live???, so do tell me where have all The Oriental Asians gone for they “have many” Weapons in their China Towns and Restaurants too Practice their CRAFT for this FREE MASON Take over of the whole damn planet!!!! YOU my friend` will need to look at their PUPILS of all these Asians, and if you do not see Blue, Brown, or Green Pupils’ then you are looking “into the eyes” of A Hybrid Human where all these new Stack and Packs BUILDINGS in your Cities are for them “U.N. TROOPS” of Agenda 21 + 30…. Look for the (Police BOXES) in your Cities and Gated Communities to Hide the CHINESE till their Day of Reckoning “be we” in JAPAN to South Korea to these 50 [Independent] [{*}] STATES against THE OCCUPATION of the U.S. Military that serves the U.N. FLAG of MADE IN CHINA!!!

Remember, we are dealing with EVIL SPIRITS, and theretofore, when the “U.S. Military” and the U.S. Government GAVE ALL to China after the U.S. FLAG lost to The China Flag in THEIR U.N. VIETNAM WAR GAME….., that was just “one more” Evil Spirits United Nations “FREE MASON” WAR GAME wheretofore all {U.S. Manufacturing} and the rest of the world went to MAKE IT IN CHINA!!!! You would be a FOOL not to see what I see, so Look at your Communications Equipment my Military to “nonmason” Police Man??? Is it made in your State, or the U.S.A., or is it MADE IN CHINA and did not the FCC “just give” all MILITARY Secret Service Communication CODES over to a Foreign CORPORATION “owned by” this Chinese U.N. FLAG??? You would be an idiot at this stage in the VIDEO GAME SIMULATION of Purgatory [too still] trust any GOVERNMENT “in this world” as a NONMASON Citizen of your land` for they are all FREE MASON Traitors doing SEDITION and “High Treason” to WE THE PEOPLE whom employ them, and THEY ALL {WORK AS ONE} FOR THE U.N. Take Over of this Place’ Our Human “Plain” HOME World…

Johnny Exodice

Do Tell me U.S. TAX PAYER why you pay [A Billionaire] Play Boy to live like YOUR MAJESTY and YOUR EXCELLENCY in that Building The U.N. FLAG (FREE MASON) Members only Club to kill and murder WE HUMANS for evil spirits in their minds.?.?.?.?.?

They say BLACK LIVES MATTER.?.?.? Tell that to these “U.N. Peacekeepers” in Africa where we DARK SKINS are never [allowed] to Grow our own fucking Food with seeds!!!!

The “U.N. FLAG” is JADE HELM 15 World Depopulation on our FLAT EARTH….

The Sentinel…


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