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Gaetz on Tucker: Biden is Weaponizing the IRS Against Americans

TwoFeather - 82 Views
Published on 05 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Joe Biden and the Democrats don't just hate guns. They hate law-abiding Americans having them.

It's particularly egregious from a country that militarizes its bureaucracies and then forces its grandmothers to go and fend for themselves on dangerous streets.


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JamesRoss 3 days ago

Ha haaa, Have no fear... just stand your ground for freedom and the murderous thugs will cower before you... you must face your fears and stand for what you believe-in.
This is a spiritual training grounds which you are required to believe.
The Creator-God does not want woosies who will fold or shiver with fright and piss themselves like a Lumanian when a bad-guy wants to steal everything from them.
Did you earn your labours? Are you so stupid as to give your labours away to the organized Freemasonic thUg network? Well, that is who collects your taxes... The freemasons get your taxes because you are willing to give them a free ride upon our back... because you are just a stupid sheep of burden and willing to die as a stupid sheep. Get some guts and become a man of God and protect your family.

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