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- FULL SHOW - White House Cuts Feed On Biden Again After He Calls For Help.mp4

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Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Loaded Friday transmission as the War Room actively monitors the Arizona Election Audit presentation, the Health And Free Conference, as well as BLM teaming up with Trump supporters in Atlanta against mandatory vaccines. It’s also the Veterans call-in show so many veterans weigh in on the state of America as well as the vaccine mandate for the military. In perhaps the most epic speech since the pandemic, Ricardo Bosi addresses Australia and the world, for what he calls the "War For The World". Many clips as well featuring Democrats repeating the big lie of whips at the border and liberals going full racist on college campuses.

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Custos Luminis
Custos Luminis 26 days ago

Those are not Peta Videos they are Pedo videos.

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Henri Musset
Henri Musset 28 days ago

tank Gad Ozzies are white!

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newagecrusaders 26 days ago

But too bad your grammar is trash though.

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hard-drive 28 days ago

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talkieful2 28 days ago

While the migrants and illegals come with their disease and don't have to poison them!!!

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