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FULL SHOW: New Video Proves Without A Doubt 2020 Election Fraud Was Rampant In Battleground States

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Published on 11 May 2022 / In News and Politics

The documentary film 2000 Mules has taken the nation by storm as it proves with loads of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt there was mass criminal activity and fraud during the 2020 election. Owen Shroyer reviews the film and gets responses from callers on the film as well. The crushing effects of Covid and Faucism continue to show as teenagers talk about covid depression and suicide. The illegal acts happening in front of Judges houses in response to the SCOTUS leaks continue, and now it is being endorsed by the Democrat party and the White House. Is Sean Hannity intentionally sabotaging Donald Trump? Mitch McConnel backs war with Russia in Ukraine, calling it the biggest issue in the world.

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