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FULL SHOW: Exclusive: Joe Biden Authorizes Bio-Weapons As NIH Invests In New COVID Research

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Published on 04 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

In a shocking development, not only did Joe Biden affirm that new bioweapons research, and a vaccine in response, the NIH has also given another grant to Peter Daszak and Eco Health Alliance to do new bat coronavirus research. The Democrat crime sprees continue as the deadly violence continues in inner cities. Weird stuff from Joe Biden from him asking to be compared to the devil to another flub in his latest speech. The mainstream media narrative that Russia blew up the pipeline has failed, which is bad news for the Biden administration who wanted that as a pretense to launch a war with Russia. Elon Musk becomes the second Western leader to called for peace negotiations, much to the chagrin of Ukrainians who are now calling for him to be tortured.

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