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Fueling The Ancient Grid

spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

First of all, thank you all for the insane growth and love you all have shown my channel in the past week. Going from under 100 subscribers a week ago to over 700 at time of this posting is amazing. Are there really that many people who want to listen to some guy talk about buildings and history? Do that many people understand the context and his reason for doing it?

Either way, I’m grateful to have others who are genuinely interested in what I have to share. To you reading this, thank you! May we all continue to learn more about who we really are and what we are capable of.


In this week’s video, I follow up on some clues left by two big name researchers asking similar questions to myself, I connect their hypotheses to both some theories of my own that I have already discussed in past videos and what I discover after seeing these sites in person, then I show how all this connects with the crown of Philadelphia.

Next, I continue the investigation into this Matthias Baldwin figure that keeps popping up and whose land that Carnegie Library on Spring Garden Street was “built” on, I check out a park around the corner from this location called Baldwin Park that is adjacent to an abandoned railway leading beneath Philly...

Then I make the connection between modern technology and seemingly royal technology including the words cathode, cathedral, and catholic and how they relate to crowns and thrones. I end by showing some black heads that don’t look too unlike my logo.

If you’re still reading this, you might as well stay till the very end, because in the Extra Double Bonus I show some of my tips and techniques for discovering interesting “connections” between places!

Thank you for tuning in and share if you get something out of this!


Intro: 0:58
What is a gasometer: 1:45
Jon Levi video 3:54
Ancient crown gasometer 8:35
CONSPIRACY-R-US video: 8:43
Trip to the Philly Gas Works: 12:12
Trip to the Crown: 13:10
Baldwin connection: 14:14

Links to information mentioned:

Conspiracy-R-Us Channel:

Jon Levi Channel:

The Rise and Fall of the Gasometer:

A Bird’s Eye View of Philly:

1681 Map of Philly:

My previous video on the esoteric layout of Philadelphia:

Hidden City article on Point Breeze Gas Works:

Design Advocacy Group on Point Breeze Gas Works:

Spring Garden Branch of Philadelphia Public Library:

Matthias W. Baldwin:

Baldwin Locomotive Works:

Cross Patteé:

Maltese Cross:

Knight’s Templar:

Official and Historic Crowns of the World:

Interesting take on that “Barbados Copper”:

Brotherhood of Blackheads:

#mudflood #tartaria #hiddenhistory #architecture #moors

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gang 3 months ago

ashton kutcher is not so popular by the way ... exposing why biden fails

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gang 3 months ago

bbc grid fueling nbc grid : gestapo impersonating popularity behind sea org celebrities

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gang 3 months ago

wokanda is story of dalai lama and widodo rama x soetoro monitoring "cia" made by sea org against usa and united nations for covering buckingham and gestapo fraud

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spirit warrior of the mist man

whats this have to do with the video i posted here man

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spirit warrior of the mist man

you just posted the same message twice

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