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Published on 28 Jul 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

ITNJ (International Tribunal of Natural Justice) - Robert David Steele - Sacha Stone - Ciro Orsini

Key players

Robert David Steele (RDS): ‘former’ CIA, works/worked on clande…

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Johnny Exodice
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Remember my romantic Warriors, that it is not what you see, it is what you know. Do you know why the African continent was decimated in the mud flood Wars that ended in 1855? Do you know why all UN TROOPS FLAGS leaders lie about landing on the moon? Do you comprehend machine people are real, and that the less 100% human genetic code in them, the more their "eyeballs" degrade into Soulless [in vitro] Qballs~ /_\ golem creations? As always` keep prepping for the end of days in 2094 CE. Learn how to make your own bullets, and your own protection, and just know that everything in this world {is a lie} of The FAKE JEWS of Hollywood from The Book of Revelation for these Freemason lodges that run all military, all religions, all governments, and all schools of thought on this side of FLAT EARTH in our shared Celestial Sphere....... [C+] ?️ #Janus ?

Johnny Exodice
What you are most likely pondering my ragtag Rebellion, is why are they allowing all this information to be shown to the many mindless masses in these days of Noah returned? Because two-thirds of the world will be dead by 2025 just as foretold in the Book of Revelation that we Blades of grass would burn burn burn. You do not have access to the nuclear weapons, you do not shut down the 5G soon-to-be 6G death Microwave Towers for your lithium deadly radiation mutation Delta variance in your cell phone batteries, and sadly too many human [bones] Qballs~ /_\ are in coffins hermetically sealed all over this side of Flat Earth giving them all the dark magic and sorcery they need to kill {all grown ups} by the end of agenda 2030........., and then the remaining UN Troops of Jade helm 15 will just (take) +=+ the children that are 5 years and younger, and by the year 2045 CE a new generation of mindless masses raised on "CGI" will be clueless: because all this stuff will finally be removed and wiped off all internet web pages......., and this is why I have you make time capsules with crypto money, cell phone numbers, USB digital movies, and all my written works, so by the year of cyberpunk 2077, our offspring will know we are still in purgatory, and our children {will know} they go home in 2094 CE just as we all do who kept the faith in Christ Jesus returned.... #unvaxxed ?

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