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Freemasons- BrainchipZombies - NASA Lies Coming Undone (by Nicholson1968)

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Published on 23 Oct 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

Nicholson connect some dots
He does not realize that the Tower-Of-Babel has been rebuilt by the Mystery School Cult Freemasons. ( )

The cover photo of Beyonce with "Pulse" is to indicate the digital signal to remote controls humans through the brainchip... but Nicholson has yet to connect that "dot."
You can find this in the video... I will change this cover photo to the sacred heart of Lucifer within the hand of A.I. transhumanism... (for those who are watching)

It is very obvious that the Mystery School Cult is manipulating humanity.
What most sheeple don't understand is that humanity is a splice from the ancient Homo capensis and the Earthling natives like Homo eretus and Neanderthals... but the Cult is taught this. And the Cult minions are tricked that they can upload their minds into an A.I. supercomputer... but this is the lie of the Satan-race to gain the stupid Freemasons' servitude. The Freemasons will destroy themselves physically and then stand before the Creator-God, then raise their lambskin aprons to hide their faces as they realize that their treachery was against themselves thus destroying their own soul-fragments.

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