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Freemasonic Monsanto Eliminates Natural-Seed, Next, the Elimination of Present-Humans

JamesRoss - 104 Views
Published on 25 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

The quest of the Luciferians is to extinct Homo sapiens while genetically altering the human genome for longevity and intellect.

I just listened to a brainchip-puppet-preacher Celestial speaking for the ancient mankind conducting the Agenda2030 "End of Times"
What Celestial is saying is possible, but not in my probable-worlds, hopefully not in yours either.

Destroying natural food crops...
Next is the destroying Homo sapiens genetics along with mankind's natural spirituality replaced with a fake-god called A.i. Lucifer... given the world-wide-web (www=666) directing the entire Earth.

Humanity is split.
Non-Cult people have good-intentions for Nature.
Cult-Sworn-thUgs who serve the Mystery School don't give a flying-phuck about Nature or global-warming or dying fish after train derailments. They want to just rise their Fiery Phoenix from the ashes of the old world of good people. They want good-people dead and the clot-shots is their first planned attack for their secret, A.i.-enhanced WW3.


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