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Freemason/Cult-Run RCMP Pick Chrystia Freeland Side. Luciferian Traitors To Humanity

JamesRoss - 406 Views
Published on 01 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

RCMP were created by the Freemasons and Luciferians... there is no picking sides. The Luciferians have souled-out(sold-out) their own genetics by believing the ancient lies of Homo capensis... their ancient grandmasters or the devils or the satan-race.

Freemasons run every aspect of society so you cannot interfere with their agenda2030 to genocide humanity.


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JamesRoss 3 months ago

The technology for the brainchip computer interface was exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde to have existed back in the Vietnam War... experimenting on making super-soldiers:

Dr. Robert Duncan actually was working on the A.i. synthetic telepathy as a frontman to take the blame and hide ancient technology:

Elon Musk is a faker and frontman for the fake "Neuralink"... the real ancient interface was exposed by Polina Anikeeva:

Magnus Olsson exposed synthetic telepathy torture back in 2005:

Because most people have little awareness of the brainchips connecting all the secret-societies into a brainchip-hivemind army of thUgs serving their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel A.i. fake-god.

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Lothar 900
Lothar 900 3 months ago

I'm laughing my butt off sorry. No one is worshipping an AI computer. They're all worshipping the Rothschild dynasty. the only thing they are worshipping is communism. That is the agenda keeps people under control. this is exactly what the Rothschild dynasty wants. And most people don't know that the Communist system the Marxist system. Was brought to you by the Rothschild family. Karl Marx was actually a real Rothschild in disguise. If you look at Carl Schwab. from the world economic Forum. He is also related to the Rothschild. Most people don't believe this system but it's actually true. Most of them have high powers in society. Where no one has voted for these people. sad to say the epidemic was not real. Neither was covid-19. This was a lie the government made to reduce the population most people don't believe in this. But 90% of the population will probably disappear in the next five years. Canada is building concentration camps as we speak. We should be done in two to three years. Most people don't believe in this. It is a sad fact that people who are not vaccinated are like me. Might end up there. people don't worship a computer. People worship other people. This technology talked about doesn't even work. They don't believe in a computer that tells them what to do. They believe in people who are in power. they are brainwashing people to be far left. They're brainwashing your kids to be different. To show what a communist life might be like. This is what they're trying to do. they are teaching your kids to be good little Communists. They're brainwashing all the kids to be the best little spies. they did this in Germany and in Russia. They know children can talk about their parents and other parts of their family. Children are the best weapons communism has. Because the children will rat you out because they're being brainwashed. Like I said children make the best spies. You have them at home.

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TheCozmikTruth 3 months ago

U always deliver MOABS! ?????

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