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Freedom Force Battalion Swamp Inc Disssolved New Declaration of Independence

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Published on 21 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

Freedom Force Battalion Distruction of Columbia

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Puppykisser 1 month ago

AS devastating that was to hear... because I sure as heck didn’t watch yesterday’s horror show... something didn’t feel right. President Trump from the start saying get your Popcorn and enjoy The Show, along with all the oddities and complete Twilight Zone feel. Seriously we watched Bad paid Actors that Trump even commented on back when, not to mention the replacement draw... pudding eyes. It just didn’t make sense. I think why would our president put us in a sense of security only to unleash misery upon us. We know what part of history that sounds like. Anyway ,I do believe you have something wonderful worth sharing... I believe there is more to this “show “to be seen. And if for some reason we are full of beans... I know it woke us up! I know it put me back on track with God. And yes I do believe the Best is yet to come!

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divine 1 month ago

Thanks, Sister! This is the BEST EXPLAINED video I've seen on the 1876 Republic I've seen anywhere - PERIOD !!! It very hard to even find ANY article anywhere that has any info about this subject. May God bless you.

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Talliris 2 months ago

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litere5938 2 months ago

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