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Free the Jan 6 2021 Political Prisoners!

true conservative minutes
Published on 28 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

All those who were wrongfully imprisoned on Jan 6 2021 need to be released! These #politicalprisoners were peacefully protesting and did not commit any violent acts! In fact, there were no weapons that day! How can you have an insurrection with no weapons?! These people who are being illegally held are far from insurgents. The congress member whose security detail shot and killed unarmed #AshleyBabbitt should be held accountable, but the left is protecting and shielding that person! When I get elected I will do everything in my power to fight the left's hypocrisy and work to free these people who are being treated worse than dogs.

Constitutional rights shall not be infringed upon!

#maga #trump2020 #constitution #freedom #freespeech

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smoovetipp 2 months ago

If the residents of Florida are lucky enough, she will represent them in Congress after next election!
Can find her at lunalopezforcongress dot com.

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