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Four Things You May Not Know about Jews and Israel

Will Rizzo
Will Rizzo - 131 Views
Published on 21 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

This stresses the importance of sincerity over genealogy. Many people wrongly believe that the true Jews are physical descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. This video explores how even Jews teach that true children of Abraham (or children of Israel), are those individuals who have true faith in God. This has nothing to do with a person's genes but whether they choose to obey God, and the way to do this best is by following Jesus Christ.

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chimichonga 24 days ago

Watch: Beyond Today-The Lost Tribes of Israel on youtube.

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Bobbitchin 1 month ago

So, the Ethiopians and Egyptians that came out of Egypt with Israel, got circumcised and believed on God turned into Judian ? How did getting circumcised change their birth parents? Of course government regulated Christians will never question the government regulated religon.

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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 1 month ago

It is true that the Protocols of the ‘Learned Elders’ of Zion were discovered on the body of the horseback-riding messenger who was STRUCK DEAD BY LIGHTNING while en route to deliver them to someone somewhere.

And now it is being reported & VIDEO-RECORDED that a “2,000 year old SATANIC TORAH” scroll was discovered, this time during a SMUGGLING BUST.

It took a while for the WICKEDNESS of the ‘Talmud’ to come to light. But this recent find ALSO is THEIR ‘Torah’ — not AT ALL tame, docile, loving. In fact, I am sensing this scroll most likely belonged to CAIPHUS, the ‘Jew high priest’ involved in the MURDER of Yashua/Jesus the Christ Himself!!

The scroll includes two strange objects for “piercing/bloodletting” of Christian victims, in particular CHILDREN, for the human-sacrificing rituals of these SATANIC/LUCIFERIC/‘COMMUNIST’- ‘ZIONIST’ UNREGENERATE so-called ‘Jews’.

...and to think, HOW VASTLY DIFFERENT the world would be had the U.S. NOT HELPED TO DEFEAT the Beast’s INLY RIVAL during the ‘event’ now commonly referred to as “WWII”.

Just as ‘Jews’ & ‘Israel’ ARE NOT “the same thing, neither did BONO FIDE NAZIS have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER in common with the LITERALLY bloodthirsty Atheist ‘International’ Jew COMMUNISTS & their minions.

Heinrich Himmler & Karl Mari Wiligut were DEMONS IN NAZI UNIFORM!! Hitler was NO demon, contrary to the LIES told about him.

General Patton came to recognize the truth, and SAID, that we “fought against the wrong people” in that war. Soon thereafter, he was murdered in an ‘accident’!!!

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