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Published on 01 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics


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goosegatherer 9 days ago

What is creating the metallic nano particles within those who have been injected , because those nano particles ARE THERE....those particles are making metal objects stick to the host ...Common sense dictates that these metallic nano particles could only have entered the recipient through the injection itself because it would be foolish to claim that these nano particles were formed with radio waves from 5G.....looking forward to your reply so don't let me down please.

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highbird11 1 month ago

"God won't allow this" is a naive perspective. This is, at least, the 6th reset against humanity, here on Earth, experminating most of us & re-writing history and starting the playbook all over again. This time the death cult wants us hive-minded and are after our souls. We are free-will divine co-creators that manifest our collective experience depending on how aligned we are, in our individual choices of behavior, day to day, with immutable, objective Natural Universal Law (Do No Harm /Cause & Effect). Natural Law is what it is and governs us regardless of whether or not we are unaware of it. The parasitic satanic capstoners are well aware of natural law which is why they telegraph their agendas to the "useless eaters". WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY & MANIFEST THE WORLD WE WANT. ONLY EMPATHY WILL MANIFEST FREEDOM. STOP ACQUIESCING. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS. WE ARE DIVINE-CO=CREATORS WITH FREE WILL THAT HAVE CO-CREATED THIS PRISON PLANET BECAUSE WE HAVE CAPITULATED TO MORAL RELATIVISM. DO NO HARM MEANS DO NO HARM. UNITY & RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL RAISE THE COLLECTIVE FREQUENCY. IT'S OUR CHOICE. ALWAYS HAS BEEN. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. SEPARATENESS IS AN ILLUSION. START BEHAVING SO.
The Virus Misconception by Dr Stefan Lanka, microbiologist (formerly identified himself as a virologist) who is the trailblazer of our day, that proved via scientific experiments and in German court that germ theory is a false paradigm and that living, pathogenic "viruses" do not exist in nature. Pasteur was a shill & plagiarist, who, on his death bed confessed, ""It’s the terrain, not the germ." (Bechamp's terrain theory). I strongly encourage you to read this and share with others:

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Donald Gipper
Donald Gipper 2 months ago


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highbird11 2 months ago

He's got most of this right. "Flu" symptoms is the body's detoxification process, a good thing. When he claims that cell toxicity causes "viruses", they are actually exosomes, protein and genetic debris emitted by toxic cells aiding in our body's natural detoxification process. "Viruses" are non-existent in nature. They are a fabricated invisible boogeyman based on a fraudulent false flag/false paradigm (germ theory /allopathic medicie) to evoke fear to get we humans to acquiesce to having deadly poison injected directly into our bloodstream and into our children for immeasurable profit, control and culling of the herd. All "epidemics" and "pandemics" are unnatural and by design with toxicity, not "pathogens"/"infection": being the basis. The 1918 "pandemic, as mentioned, used the same playbook, involving mass innoculation of experimental jabs to servicemen in conjunction with worldwide roll-out of radiowaves. Same psychopathic players as well: Johns Hopkins and Rockefellers. ALL ILLNESS IS CAUSED BY TOXICITY, INCLUDING CANCER, AND IS PREVENTABLE, NATURALLY. "Dis-ease" is symptomatic of our wondrous, natural detoxification process. Lab-conjured poisonous jabs based on an inverted lie, sabotage our natural curative process, BY DESIGN. We are bombarded, continuously, by toxins, fear being one of them in our air, food/diet, water, "medicine", etc, etc. A living, deadly "virus' has NEVER been isolated. It's an invisible boogeyman with no scientific basis/proof.The PCR test is not a diagnostic tool, so stated by its creator, Kary Mullis. Why? Because you can't identify something that doesn't exist. The PCR identifies the presence of EXOSOMES, which merely indicates toxicity. Testing after a heated argument with your spouse could test + for exosomes as stress is toxic to the human body. DEADY VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST. DEADLY JABS DO EXIST. IT'S ALL ABOUT POISONING THE HERD THROUGH DECEPTION /FEAR.

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United by Truth
United by Truth 3 months ago


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