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Former Cell Phone Company Boss Blows Whistle on 5G Coronavirus (2020)

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev - 1,103 Views
Published on 24 Apr 2021 / In Health
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Two Rivers
Two Rivers 1 year ago

I lot of what he has to say are true. However, he comes off as controlled oppostiion to day that the 5G technology cannot be reversed. He has a few other lies in his potns. It's not that 5G cannot be reversed, it's that the 'powers' behind it refuse to reverse it or stop it. The next, lie is that thisCoViD 19 mRNA Gene code Serum or Gene-Editing serum for another appropriate name. is NOT a vaccine. I will say that they are proposing to use vaccines & mRNA coding technology for thaeir nefarious acts against humanity.
I dont thnik he has proven that 5G is the culprit of the illness being blamed on SARS_CoV2/CoViD19. He claimed that when new radio frequency tachnology was released many years ago, many people got sick and was blamed on the so-called Spanish Flu. If that swas the csse then way more people should have died than did. The 5G may be weakening immune systems for being too near to the signls ,but their designer modifede mRNA serums is what killing people from within the same day & potentially iwthin 5 years on purpose. He spoke of injecting an RFID chp into teh body(for tracking/identity) purposes. They might do that in ceratin situations, but the technology is down to microscpiv size. Dr Charles Lieber was working on something te szie of a virus, which is published in a Harvard publication archived at the following link
Dr Lieber - Harvard Univ
Virus Sized Transistors Theyre alredy inkjecing it into the muscle, but more likely the xize of a bacteria. All who have the shot will emit a MAC address which cn be picked up by bluetooth svn. 5G woldve been really good use technolog only if it ws properly chielded to protect agianst humans, plants and animals, but is not, and in some cses , not enough.

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O.KOI 2 years ago

There is no blooming 5g almost anywhere in spain.

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