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Forced Covid Jabs coming to NZ Schools so take your Children out of School now

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 308 Views
Published on 20 Nov 2021 / In Film and Animation

This is coming to all schools in every country. So time to homeschool your kids before they get injected with this mRNA poison.

Evil. God will punish all the wicked when they meet him. Hell fire for all eternity.

I hope the wicked are happy with their end, God is not mocked.

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VilGueits 2 months ago

gimme other link so i can download plz
jdownloader doesnt work here

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ron08777108 2 months ago

There are "entirely" too many neurotic sociopaths on this planet! The worst of them have banded together to take over the planet!
"This" is the disease we need to cure to save humanity, and our civilization!

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Lkysht 2 months ago

Covid 19 is a scam! They used the scam to steal the election. Now they are using the scam to push these deadly vaccines to kill you! Wake up people!

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