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First Ever Israel Intelligence Warning of the USA collapse = Sounds like Priming the Seals

Final Days Report
Published on 29 Dec 2022 / In Technology

Israel report replicates pure chaos and reminds me of the four seals | Will Israel run the world with AI | Trump NFTs | Babies die of Herpes from sick tradition | What AI religion will run the world | What did Alexa say when she opened her 3rd eye | Do Israel former agents work in big tech just like the FBI | Talk two witnesses | Israel primed their people for the mark of the beast with the operating system | what does the talmud say that is wicked | Are we in the End of Days or the Birth Pains
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First Ever Israel Intelligence Warning of the USA and World = Sounds like Priming the Seals

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pedopeter 3 months ago

Bibi sounds just like Trump. If you put a NY accent on him, that was Trump. Mind blown. Wow. Remember this.

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