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Financial System Is Done, Nothing Left: Fed Will Now Fast-Track CBDCs Warns Lynette Zang

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Published on 08 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

"2008 is when the system actually died and was put on QE life support until [the Fed] could get into place the next system that could take place of the current system," argues Lynette Zang, chief market analyst for ITM Trading. "We seem to be paralleling what's happened in 2008 in regards to bank consolidation. We're at that same juncture right now where everything has changed," she tells Daniela Cambone. "There is nothing left in the system. There is officially no purchasing power left in the currencies. It's all just on public confidence. Central banks don't have confidence in each other," she continues. "We need to go into a new system because this system is done," Zang exclaims. "Whether you're looking at deflation or inflation, it's the same coin, just the opposite side," she argues. "The Fed will propose CBDCs as a way to get rid of inflation, but it will present the problem of deflation and it will not control how low they can push interest rates," Zang predicts. "This is about the banks and the financial system. We vote with our wallets... if you buy stocks, that's your vote. If you buy gold and silver that's your vote. If you buy cryptos, that's your vote," she continues. "[The Fed] can't pull off a CBDC if enough of us vote a certain way. A rising gold price is an indication of a failing currency and once you really understand that a currency is failing, you make different choices," Zang concludes.

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Chapter stamps:
00:00 Lynette’s thoughts on the banking crisis
4:21 We’re witnessing a new world order
5:29 Credit Suisse chairman’s comment
6:11 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's failures and what they mean for your money
12:10 The Silicon Valley Bank blame game
14:02 Central bank digital currencies
18:08 De-dollarization situation
19:39 Is it OK to embrace gold now?
21:48 Central banks are purchasing gold
24:26 Lynette’s thoughts on bitcoin
26:51 Final thoughts

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