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Fed just issued a dire WARNING: "Financial Conditions are Getting Much Worse"

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Published on 25 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Jerome Powell & the Federal Reserve just issued a major warning to the US Economy and Housing Market. Suggesting that financial conditions are tightening "more than the traditional metrics suggest".

That's Powell implying that a bank credit crisis could be overtaking the US Economy in 2023. Which, combined with Fed Interest Rates Hikes, could mean that the layoffs are about to get much worse.

Companies like Meta, Amazon, and Indeed are the most recent ones to announce big layoffs. The layoffs by Indeed are especially concerning. Because they have lots of data on the US Job Market. And they are seeing a big slowdown in new job listings. Which means the Recession in 2023 could accelerate.

But these white collar layoffs haven't spread yet to the rest of the economy. Causing some to think that we'll have a "Soft Landing". Or will avoid a Recession entirely. Nearly 50% of the subscribers on my YouTube Channel think that at most we will experience a normal recession. However, people need to be careful to account for the lag that takes place between layoff announcements and economic contagion.

As more white-collar workers lose their jobs, consumer spending will go down. And as consumer spending will go down, the layoffs will spread. Which will make the Housing Crash worse. Especially in states like California where the home sales have already gone down 30-40% YoY. They will likely keep declining in metros like San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco because the huge economic exposure to the layoffs.


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Just In Time Anthony Giarrusso
Anthony Giarrusso