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FEBs! 'Brian' Splat! Whale Oil Beef Hooked! The Earths Floating Islands!

Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis - 70 Views
Published on 11 May 2021 / In Film and Animation

Woah!! Flat Thumbs! Buckle in for this classic FEB Presentation.
Floating Islands! Have you heard about them?
Could it be possible for Earth to be a mass of Floating Island's?
What if Earth was a drift or even at anchor? Well almost all classical themes including Homers Odysseys, and The Classical template Ovid included Floating Islands.
Or could it be the case that the Phoenician's found their way here on floating land? What if our missing land is on the move out there somewhere or at anchor laying in wait ( weight)?
We investigate ,and this will blow all your minds.
Also today Antiquities Circular Cities found in remote places hold a deeper secret watch to find out what.
Later we think about Aether Tech, Curiosities, Dead Rock Stars ,and Keith Moons possible murder, and a thousand cool things besides.
So you can look forwards to epic fun lots of laughs ,mind blows ,and Wows!
I shiteth Yee Knot!!!
Also today Brilliant News! The release of my new book on Kindle, The Holy Grail Of The Great Rest.

Please make sure to share these truth bombs, Like if ya did ,and subscibe to all FEB channels. Tar in a jar!

Peace & love & gratitude!"

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