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FDA Says Only Way To Find Out Is To Vaxx The Kids & Are They Torturing Monkeys Because You're Next?

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 137 Views
Published on 28 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

FDA approves vaxx for kids, says only way to see if it's safe is to give it to them -

You really think they're gonna stop at four jabs -

Wanna know why the market is up, the ronacoaster -

Why is pouring acid into monkey brains a thing -

Faucis been doing this for a long time -

Gee I wonder why everyone's sick, couldn't be the vaxx could it -

Lefty says it's Trumps fault Baldwin shot someone -

Where does the money go -

Uh oh, one of them actually got caught -

Is the heat being turned up on the clintons -

Good interview from CNN -

Here's how you know global warming is targeting stupid people -

You remember how much you saved on 4th of July, well thanksgiving just took it all -

Hawaii wasting all the covid money -

Deer wipes out across cyclist -

Steve Inman -

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