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FDA never really approved Pfizer COVID vaccine, Senator Says! Challenges Biden's Mandate!

Joe Ayers
Joe Ayers - 317 Views
Published on 11 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Bill Maher Realizes Biden Is Going To Destroy America
Be Careful Online - Avoid Federal Entrapment
Facebook’s Fake Whistle-blower And How To Spot A Real One
Joe Biden Is Ruining America With Mandates
Whistleblower nurse fired from hospital rips mask off Big Pharma's COVID lies
Everything The White House Just Said Is A Lie
More Countries Halt Moderna Vaccine Over Severe Side Effects
Is This The Most Bombshell Fauci Admission Yet?
DOD Drops A Covid Bombshell
“This isn’t just about a vaccine”...Los Angeles Firefighters Fight Back...File $1.7 Billion Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandate
FDA never really approved Pfizer COVID vaccine, Sen. Ron Johnson tells Tucker Carlson

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JL Hammond
JL Hammond 2 months ago

I saw a documentary once that said Hitler's goal was to select superior, blond haired, blue eyed humans and have them mate, then he'd create a race of superhumans. Jews were considered worse than dogs, so he wanted to do away with any chance they would procreate any longer. Sickening. Sounds so much like what these devils are doing now, but far, far worse!

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