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FDA And CDC Report Possible Link To Pfizer MRNA Vaccine And Stroke, WSJ Reports Excess Deaths

Tim Pool
Tim Pool - 13,606 Views
Published on 16 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

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Spark of Light
Spark of Light 4 months ago

scary stuff. I didn't get the booster but got the first 2 shots and have noticed that I frequently have heart palpitations now.

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@Spark of Light thats nuts.... guess there is no way to be sure if its related, but def. scary stuff.

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Tech Nuze
Tech Nuze 4 months ago

Testing period was much too short... waiting to see the fallout 10, 20 years from now.

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Senior Starburst
Senior Starburst 4 months ago

@Tech Nuze agreed

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SliceOfLife 4 months ago

Good info... I'm still doing my own reading / research and so far am against the vaccine for me personally. We will see where the studies of people who have had it and have issues takes us

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Mad Skills
Mad Skills 4 months ago

@SliceOfLife same here.

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Scary stuff

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gonana3 4 months ago

No sympathy any one STUPID ENOUGH TO tr

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