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Fauci Lies Slapped Down by Common People in DC

David Knight
David Knight - 11,113 Views
Published on 21 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Fauci calls poor blacks in DC "Republicans" because "they don't want to be told what to do."  He and the DC Mayor were going house to house pushing vaccines but the people are wise to him and one man isn't having ANY of the lies.  Fauci & Mayor Bowser run away as he taunts them.

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Senior Starburst
Senior Starburst 2 months ago

Typical government control. They believe they are more capable of making good decisions for the masses because they believe we are to inept to do so four ourselves.... its only about control and power.

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Mad Skills
Mad Skills 2 months ago

Correct, its' all about government control and keeping us in "our place"

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dreamtheater76 2 months ago

No argument! The distractions will continue as countless people die. No one will take any responsibility for the vaccine deaths as the media and government cover for them and blame it on something else. Most likely more manufactured viruses coming our way. They will probably blame Russia while the other side blames China while it's the deep state that's reasonable.

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WilD0n3 2 months ago

This is about Freedom of Choice, not about what "Party" they do or do not belong to. The people have the right to choose what they put or don't put in there body.

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pacmanpacks 2 months ago

Jane Bürgermeister vs the 2009 WHO Flu

Reposted - reuploaded - please do the same.

A "missing", "lost", "unknown", "gross conspiracy theory" against the holy Cherubim of Baal, the genocidal plotters against unsuspecting Humanity, especially, children and the elderly. Anyone subject to the evil "vaccines" from Hell must read and pass along this explosive information. And be ready to retaliate when the time is ripe. As it was in 2009, so it is in 2020, by the SAME Bipedal Plague against the World.




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pacmanpacks 2 months ago The Elite's Final Plan - In Short

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