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Fans Storm College Football Field Texas and Arkansas Game Longhorns vs Razorbacks Sept 11th 2021.mp4

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Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Fans Storm College Football Field Texas and Arkansas Game Longhorns vs Razorbacks Sept 11th 2021

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

I should at least give you a fair well letter that I am alive, and that once a Month I will release a Record by SUTOR T. and the D.O.C.’s on this web page till all my Copy Right Music has been published, and then I will just become a Watcher as this world turns into the Hell of Hades for the END OF TIME in 2094 C.E.

It is evident that EVERY ONE on YouTUBE is part of the Lies Agreed Upon where there is no COVID-19, but this MEMORY that is Purgatory of Whom Done What will always play out the Same Way…

That Spoken, may Seattle Washington USA on 11-03-2021 not be the EVENT done by the FREE MASON in the U.S. Military to Wipe North Korea off the Face of the Earth, and then have a Real WAR GAME of Trillion Watt Lazers and ICBM Hydrogen Attacks with IRAN – Russia – China…

For those whom have read all my works since I began Doing Written Work after the September 11th, 2001 Religious RITUAL of WAR IS MURDER by this Byzantine EMPIRE in the era of 7530, youm now know what the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly is all about, and that our Presidents, Kings of Spain, and Queen of England are MIND Wiped by the Bones of the Dead in them MUD FLOOD CATACOMBS….

Destroy the Bones, and we Blade of Grass can reclaim our Home World Celestial Sphere, and put an end to the Forever and ever TIME LOOP of this OTO Kabbalah Zohar “Masonic” Oraborus Curse…

We must also dig up all the Coffins in the Grave Yards to set our People free be they Good or Evil in their Life Choices, and return our Dead to OUR FATHER EARTH under OUR MOTHER HEAVEN, so they may decompose, and then none will be ISOLATED and Trapped in them Hermetically Seal Grave Yards…

This Will be my last NEWS of the day where we know these Doppelganger REPLACEMENT Populations use the Militant Medicated INTERNATIONALIST and Local NEWS too Brag about what THEY LIVE get away with….

Do what you can to Blend in……., but do your best if we are Forced into VACCINATIONS and Taking RED FLAG LAW Pills of {Trump and Biden} aka Red Lodge and Blue Lodge of these FREE MASON Lodges in our Home Towns: that you do not get taken to the (JADE HELM 15) Walmart Depopulation Camps….

You have all my [Written Works] Qballs~ /_\ to read and study……..., and just know YOU ARE IN PURGATORY, but we whom have the Real Holy Water Spirit spoke of in the New Testament Jewish Gospel do get PULLED OUT of this REPEAT “Oraborus” Cursed Mad House being this Machine called a Celestial Sphere of Whom Done What!!!!

Christ Jesus Returned: The house of Griffin in our Shared Celestial Sphere…..

Long Live the Right to be you, and Johnny Exodice LIVES!!!


As you can see THEY LIVE want World War once more’ too kill all adult humans, and then raise our Human babies as they see fit…….., just as has happened every-time this Byzantine Hollywood USA Fake Jews of Jesuits Zionist Roman Catholics BLOW UP THE WORLD because we REMEMBERED what this place is….

Live Well…. Die Free!!!!!

Remember: 7 ways in means 7 ways out….


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