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Linda Kirby
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Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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[email protected] 8 days ago

I was just saying this to my fiend today.God used Trump to reveal all the evil including false prophets as they were prophesying Trump will win 4 more years. It reminds me of 1 kings chapter 19 as God using a lying spirit.

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[email protected] 8 days ago

I heard Israel was bombing Syria which took out Iranian sites which some were killed. I heard there could be a nuke attack in NY and say it was Iran.

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janebase54 9 days ago

AMEN Ms. Linda Love you

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MistyR 9 days ago

Good advice, Miss Linda.
I just hope people listen. Ive seen people all over Facebook telling others to STAY HOME it is a set up!! As for the psyop people...even if some did follow those posts...that doesn't mean they are 'all' crazies. (that one guy called-- blank --shaman...I dont even believe he was into it. Just controlled opposition, imo. ) But i think they are using even that against real patriotic, God loving people..
It looks like it was ALLLLLLLLLLLLL a set up, from the very beginning. And I dont think ANYONE in power is on the "good side." And that breaks my heart. Because if Trump really isn't on the "good" side, then for him to hold that bible in front of that church, and talk about God as much as he has....just horrible.
At Christmas, when he said Jesus came "to bring everlasting peace," and not "everlasting life," it blew me away. I mentioned it and had people come out of the woodwork defending him and calling me judgemental.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus!!

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honeybee2 9 days ago

Thank you. Wise counsel.

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