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Faith, Grace and a Dirty Word...Obedience

Will Rizzo
Will Rizzo - 59 Views
Published on 30 Oct 2020 / In Non-profits and Activism

Obeying the Gospel of Christ was a given in the early days of Christianity. Grace was understood to be given to those who showed obedience to the faith taught to them by Jesus Christ. So, why is 'obey' now a dirty word?

Today many Christians use the teachings of Paul to justify a life of selfish indifference to almost any teaching or discipline that Jesus taught. But did Paul really teach that obeying the Gospel was not necessary? Is faith, without obedience, the kind of faith that results in God's forgiveness?

This video presents some of what Paul taught in the book of Romans about the relationship between faith, grace, obedience and forgiveness. There is enough information presented here to give anyone a good head start in examining the issue for themselves in greater depth, to hopefully arrive at a deeper appreciation for an obedient faith.

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