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Fab Defense Ruger 10-22 Tactical Stock / GSG 110 Magazine / BMF Activator / How-To & Review 10 22 10/22

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Published on 15 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

Sorry about the lower clarity on the video quality...even though we have a Canon 6mp PowerShot camera that falls a bit short for today's cameras, the video looked MUCH more clear and brighter before uploading it onto youtube and so not sure why it got a little grainy and a bit darker after it was uploaded.

1. At 12:20
The Fab Defense stock was 190.00 with shipping included in that cost.

2. At 13:15
What makes cheap style tube nuts that have the gnarling on them is the gnarling is so poorly done whereby its not formed to more of a point and/or are shallowly formed whereby they don't grip the plastic deep enough, and then the plastic that they are either driven into or the ones that have the plastic molded around them is poor quality and/or not molded thick enough for the job that's expected of it.

3. At 18:50
This bolt does not go into plastic threads...I found later when disassembling the rear stock from the pistol grip there is a threaded aluminum spacer that has a threaded hole in the middle of it for the rear stock bolt to go into. This spacer is at least 1/2" thick and has 4 holes around it for a spanner wrench, and when it is removed from the pistol grip, the pistol grip is then held on by another allen-head bolt that threads into a brass nut that was pressed/molded in with the area of the stock right in front of where the pistol grip attaches.

4. At 21:40
I meant to say the bolt is a M5 and not MP5....I'm having a frustrating time with converting AVI video files into MP-4 and so ended up getting mixed in with part of the gun stock.

5. At 28:25
I probably can't make my stainless thumb bolt with as big a head as what the aftermarket titanium thumb bolt has. Viewing the pics of the titanium bolt, looks like it has a head the diameter of at least a nickel and so due to space with this particular stock, will have to make my stainless thumb bolt's head around the diameter of a dime.

6. At 35:50
The screw is not a #6-38 but is the #6-48 that I said right before that.

....and yes, sorry again but I have a bit more of difficult time doing videos as fluently as many other people I see doing them but please consider I genuinely try :o)

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