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Eye Rolling Racists - Trudeau is a Globalist

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Published on 29 Jun 2022 / In News and Politics

White staff can’t roll eyes at black boss: Eye-rolling is now latest racist sign of ‘white supremacy’

If it sometimes seems as though people are making things up to be triggered by, it’s probably because people are making up things to be triggered by, as evidenced by a group of Oregon “BIPOC’ (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) elementary school teachers who have now determined that eye-rolling is a “harmful practice rooted in white supremacy.”

In an email obtained by Fox News to Errol Hassell Elementary School administrators, the teachers, reportedly fueled by a rumor that their principal, Cynthia Lam Moffett, was about to be fired, stated, “We believe that much of the resistance to Principal Moffett’s work… is a result of bias and targeted aggression.”

Oregon 'BIPOC' teachers claims eye-rolling is an example of a 'harmful practice rooted in White supremacy'

Oregon teachers at the Errol Hassell Elementary School sent school administrators an email claiming that eye-rolling directed at a principal, among other alleged actions they observed, is an example of a "harmful practice rooted in White supremacy" that is happening in the workplace

Is Trudeau's Canada the Globalists' Laboratory For Crushing Dissent

Klaus Schwab has boasted of the World Economic Forum’s influence on Trudeau and his cabinet.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau combined tyranny with absurdity by invoking the Emergencies Act for what was essentially a parking and noise problem in downtown Ottawa created by Freedom Convoy 2022, he should have been called out by the media. Furthermore, the House of Commons should have nipped this gargantuan power grab in the bud by refusing to pass a motion to confirm it. Trudeau’s Liberal party, after all, forms a minority government, and a united opposition by all the other parties could have killed Trudeau’s version of “l’état, c’est moi.”

Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

What was it that Cultural Action Party of Canada predicted when Justin Trudeau was first elected prime minister in 2015?

Outcome: domestic social chaos. Now, this phase of PM Trudeau’s assault upon Canadian society has arrived. As we previously posited, our current PM’s degree of culpability in this development is open to some debate.

Was Trudeau actually “seduced” by external forces into bringing social chaos to Canada? Is this Trudeau character merely a puppet in a game of globalist takeover of the dying Great White North?

The truth about gay pride month shatters both sides’ narratives

On the Left, Pride Month is no longer viewed as merely a celebration of individuality and freedom. It has become infected with woke nonsense and an openly partisan progressive agenda. Meanwhile, on the Right, Pride Month is viewed as an entirely excessive expression of identity politics. Many conservatives believe that sexuality is nothing to be proud of and feel that people should keep their private lives to themselves — not take to the streets clad in rainbow colors.

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Hope_ 1 month ago

If you ever wondered if you would have complied during 1930s you know.
We have NOT been under threat as Germany was ...and still 10s of 1000s lined up day after day to comply with a mandate for an experimental vaccine in America, where it is illegal to enforce experimental drugs/vax on us (I do not know if other countries have the same choice) ...No military, no guns pointed, no bullets fired. .

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