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Exploring Ireland’s Paranormal Middle Eastern Roots #Folklore #Atlantis #Baal

spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In People and Blogs

How does Irish mythical celtic folklore connect to the various histories and lores of ancient Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Mauritania? Could there be any archeological and genetic DNA evidence connecting Ireland's stories of ancient giants, Atlantis and demonic gods to North Africa and the Middle East?

#Formorians #AncientEgypt #TheSeaPeople #TheRichatStructure

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For more information about Ireland's historical links with North Africa and the Middle East with a far more grounded take, see their interview with Bob Quinn

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0:00 Preview: Gaelic & Phoenician Connections
0:34 Introducing Irish Mythology
1:37 The Irish Ancient Egyptians
5:25 Atlantis & The Fomorian Giants
7:53 The Genetic Atlantian Descendants


Neolithic And Bronze Age Migration To Ireland And Establishment Of The Insular Atlantic Genome.
Lara M. Cassidy et al (Trinity College, Dublin)

History dot com
Who Were The Sea Peoples

Jason Colavito
Atlantis And The Sea Peoples

Music by

Scott Buckley

Vadim Krakhmal


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