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United by Truth
United by Truth - 326 Views
Published on 05 Aug 2021 / In Health

I am asking for an exemption of the COVID-19 vaccine because of deeply held beliefs. After researching this topic for a year, this vaccine is something I will not take. I am not anti-vaxxer, but this vaccine is different.
1. The vaccine is still in emergency use only. This was granted on only 2 months of trial results, we have no idea what the long term side-effects of injecting these pieces of mRNA surrounded by nano-lipid capsules into our bodies. The vaccines contain graphene oxide. If I get injured, I can't sue Big Pharma and my health insurance won't cover my expenses since it is experimental. My body my choice.
2. The vaccine does NOT stop you from getting COVID, or passing it on.
3. the vaccine does not meet the definition of a vaccine, its gene therapy i.e. (mRNA). The PCR test is a false positive.
4. the main steam-media i.e. (BBC, ITV, and RTE) are not telling the public the full story. i.e. ( Deaths and adverse reactions from the vaccine are not talked about on TV or any main-stream media platforms.
5. Why is there no healthy debate, instead people with different views, get banned from FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and so on. The main-stream narrative repeated fear, is the only story we are being told.
6. We all have a 99.8% survival rate without the vaccination, and if I feel ill I’ll use hydroxychloroquine, IVERMECTIN, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, aspirin, which have no side-effects or deaths, and have been used for decades. I have a much better chance of survival without the jab, and this is proven many times over by the doctor’s that are being made silent, by banning a second option of views, different from the main-stream narrative. It’s crimes against humanity, and nobody is allowed to even question the narrative. It’s a two tier society. History is repeating itself. i.e. world war 2. Nuremberg Code (see discussion with Reiner Fuellmich).
7. This vaccine is blackmail, medical apartheid and it will lead to the COVID pass app, and means less freedoms for all. i.e. freedom of speech, freedom of choice. The principle of bodily integrity sums up the rights of each human being, including children, to autonomy and self-determination over their own body. It is a human rights violation.
8. No more people died from 2019 to 2020 than any other year, they just recategorized the numbers. i.e. if I died in a car crash, or in any other way. It was put down as a COVID death. How come we never hear of the flu, “that’s a miracle” has it disappeared.
9. The masks, lockdown, and social distancing don’t work, it has only caused loss of businesses, increased suicides, increased drug addiction, with family break- ups, depression on the rise, with people falling-out with other, more homeless people, and sick people on a waiting list to be seen, because of this COVID, that has not been isolated in the lab to prove it’s existent. i.e. (this is not a pandemic as we are being told by the controlled media)
I will list only some doctors and professors below:
PROF. DOLORES CAHILL (PhD. Molecular Biologist/Immunologist)
Dr. JUDY MIKOVITS (research scientist)
Dr Naomi Wolf (American author)
Dr. Karladine Graves (medicine physician)
Dr. Carrie Madej (osteopathic internal medicine physician)
Dr. TENPENNY (osteopathic medical doctor, board certified)
Dr. AMANDHA VOLMER (bachelor of science in Biotechnology)
Dr. Charles Hoffe (medical doctor for 28 years)
Dr. Kate Shemirani (nutritionist and nurse practitioner for 36 years)
Dr. Simone Gold (physician and an attorney)
Dr Vernon Coleman (Professor of Holistic Medical / author)
Dr Peter McCullough (professor of medicine)
Dr Lorraine Day (author, former orthopaedic trauma surgeon)
Dr. Christiane Northrup (obstetrics and gynaecology physician)
PROF. Geert V Bossche (PhD degree in Virology)
Dr. REINER FUELLMICH(international trial lawyer)
Dr. MICHAEL YEADON (Former VP of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals)
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger (scientist / research, teaching in public health)
Dr. David Martin (professor, author, inventor, global advisor)
PCR test
97% of positive PCR tests for the Covid-19 virus are false. A Freedom of Information request and I found out that it runs its PCR tests with up to 45 cycles. PCR tests with more than 25 cycles means that most of the “positive” cases are false positives and the trust is “committing medical fraud and crimes against humanity.”

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