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EXCLUSIVE: Michigan's IMPOSSIBLE 173K Anonymous Votes!? | Louder With Crowder (posted to protect Vid from mysteriously disappearing...)

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Published on 23 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation

While Steven was preparing for an average-normal Fraud Week episode...he came across some VERY interesting data regarding Wayne County Michigan. (Posted here in Case Crowder's video gets taken down) Please visit him on YT

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The Analyst New Real Media

No Verification of Voter Eligibility Signature So Georgia’s Hand Recounts Will Be Incomplete
Georgia voter validation
What needs to be checked:
• Voter signature is matching
• Voter validated as a U.S. citizen of the county the registered; if not, they need to be thoroughly analyzed.
o A voter cannot be a citizen of another country unless there are provisions for dual country citizenship.
• The voter lives in the state and county they registered in and did not vote in another state they moved from, there should be address updates found in Post office database records.
• The voter is listed in the voter register of state and county, and the voter is validated as a living voter. The voter isn’t vulnerable to voter fraud by an outside agent /(entity).
• Voter ballot was submitted on or before the 3rd of November, by the time indicated.

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no google
no google 2 months ago

Yes, however if Votes were illegally entered into the system (no ballot) then they cannot be checked (per se) since they do not exist --therefor, election "counting" or tabulation fraud existed en masse over several states pointing to systemic issues (not associated with the Voters themselves) but with those Operating the Systems hidden from view. This is enough (if substantiated) to get the entire votes taken out of the hands of individual voting population and put into the hands of "Electors" chosen (as per constitutional directive) by the state's representatives.

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